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If the Democrats win the House and Senate, do you think they will impeach Bush and Cheney?

Asked by mvgolden (824points) November 8th, 2006
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I predict no...
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but SF voted to, so it's always possible
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after all we would then have a President Pelosy
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and she is from SF, so I think yes
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one can dream. did anyone see bush today? he was shocked. they've kept him so out of it, he had no idea he wouldn't win. he was chastened. it was the first time i could watch him without getting a stomach ache
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Yes, but never happen
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no, and who wants to waste the time. i do wonder though about crimes against humanity from the world court.
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bush is a bit like marie antionnette, as portrayed lately. she just didn't have a clue
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I doubt they'll do any impeaching unless a moral scandal is uncovered
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it was very satisfying him to hear himself described as "whooped"
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this is working so fast. are there other pages happening at the same time, and just as fast
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glad you think so :)
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"test complete"... feel free to leave
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thanks for the help
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actually he described himself as "thumped"
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I don't think that there will be any impeachment but RUMSFELD RESIGNED! YES...... that bastard.
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It is entirely dependent on what evidence certain commissions will be able to uncover. There is so much ammunition available. But one has to think that Wednesday November 8, 2006 set a record for the use of shredding machines in the world. The cover-up has begun. Whether there will be any damning testimony coming out is unclear.
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Never gonna happen.. There's no real sense in impeaching a presidency that is at the tail end of it's second term, as the GOP found out with Clinton. There's no way Bush/Cheney would ever be found guilty and it would only serve to make the partisan divide in this country worse.
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Pelosi said the idea's "off the table"
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Regardless of how you feel about the Bush administration's policies, everything tossed about as grounds for impeachment are not really "impeachable" in the sense they are questions of policy decisions, not clear-cut criminal offenses. Clinton lied under oath. He said he didn't have sex when the DNA said he did. The facts were clear. While you may question the morality or wisdom of Bush's decisions, none of them were without precedent. I think the Democrats know an impeachment would only be an exercise in futility and embarrass them. It would only bring attention to the fact that previous administrations of both parties did the same things, and many of the "impeachable" offenses of Bush were done with the knowledge and tacit approval of the Dem leadership.

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