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How can I make Open Office look like a dictionary book?

Asked by tokijitza (56points) February 16th, 2010

I am learning Spanish and I want to make a dictionary in Open Office (I have Ubuntu) but how can I do that. I want to make it in two columns one for the word and the other for the definition & I want to make the columns with lines. When I print it, I want it to be with lines. If I can’t do that with Ubuntu, tell me with what program I can do it with?

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I find it easier to create columnar data in a spreadsheet. If you already have Open Office, Calc should work fine for you.

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Calc is great because it’s easy to use when working with tabular data. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve typed, you might want to copy the data from Calc and paste it into Write. From there you can format the fonts, size, even the lines, so that the document looks the way you want. Good luck.

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