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When your SO is gone for a day or two, overnight, are their any daily/nightly routines that change?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) February 16th, 2010

I watch shows on TV other than what we usually watch!

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I spread out in the middle of the bed and hog the covers like nobody’s business ;)

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LOL @wtfrickinfrack!

(MODS!!!! Please fix my grammatical error in the question!!!!—I can’t believe I did that…..:(

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I stop caring about a schedule for meals and may not eat anything like an actual dinner, just nibble at odd times. And I have to be the one to remember to lock up and turn the lights off and the heat down at night.

Oh, and I do usually leave his desk lamp on all night.

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@Jeruba Nice! Me too (although I’m always the one to remember to turn down the heat…but he does the lights.)
AND I shut the door to the bedroom when I go to bed. :)

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haha @wtfrickinfrack, couldn’t agree more. I love the person I’m with more than anything in the world… except possibly having the entire bed to myself. So glorious.

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I too take up the middle of the bed . I also eat all the ice-cream and forgo a sleep schedule.

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Everything changes, especially my sleep patterns. I hate sleeping without her.

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I sit in the bed, eat cheetos and watch Star Trek reruns and Rolling Stones concerts on You Tube on my laptop Alllllll Niggghhht Looonng! ;)

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@Cruiser Ha ha! And I bet you change your sheets before your SO returns!!

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Yes. When I’m not with my partner then I watch subtitled movies he doesn’t necessarily have interest in, I peck out some poetry and don’t shave certain spots.

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@Val123 What sheets?? ;)

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I also spread out in the bed, don’t eat regular meals and watch chick flicks.

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You go @wilma! O the freedom!

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The music goes to eleven ;)

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Omg, the thought of him gone for that length of time. shudders

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I usually eat dinner later and I’m more likely to graze on a salad or something vegetarian.

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