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What's the best spatula to use?

Asked by Vunessuh (16704points) February 16th, 2010

I have a problem. I am on a no-solids diet, but I am sick of jello! I have found a ton of jellyfish recipes online. They tell me how to cook them, but not what utensils to use. Jellyfish have no substance. So, what spatula would work best? Or should I just poach them?

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It depends on the size of your opponents @$$!GOSH!

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Spider silk, gossamer and diaphanous spatulas work very well for common jellyfish cuisine tasks.

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I think you need a +10K spatula to really be able to do anything.

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@Symbeline Fuck, man. That was a good answer. (Fondles).

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A hydro-dynamic spatula with both port and starboard attachments and turbo drive!

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I think Williams-Sonoma sells a squid spatula but squids are much more solid and meaty than jelly fish so I think what you need is a jelly spoon You’ll get better results and make less of a mess in the kitchen.

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@lillycoyote And they’re cheap too. Thanks.

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Gasp! Cannibalism!

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@Vunessuh Cheaper, yes, almost always, as long as you don’t absolutely have to have the sterling silver Allan Adler Modern Georgian Large Jelly Spoon (bottom of the linked page). That’s $159.95 (plus shipping, I think). You don’t really need anything fancy, except maybe for company, just something serviceable.

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@augustlan Aren’t everyone’s jelly meals certified kuru-free around here? It’s hard to keep in mind with some of the feeding frenzies you guys have.
@lillycoyote I guess I could have a dinner party and buy that to serve the jellyfish. The manager is invited.

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@Vunessuh Though I think that everyone understands that we’re all still going through some very tough economic circumstances and that not everyone can fork over $159.95 plus for a sterling silver jellyfish spoon. You’ll just have to assess your financial situation and maybe do with just a little less.

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@lillycoyote I live in California. Even broke Californians have standards. We pay good money for caviar spoons just because. For the more discriminating palates, this is a necessity. I wouldn’t be caught dead serving management from anything merely functional. Would mother of pearl be in poor taste? Or should I just spring for glass? I could opt for an inert metal, such as gold. Would that be too pretentious?

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@Vunessuh I didn’t think there was such a thing as “too pretentious” by California standards. :)

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Damn. I heard that bitch slap all the way in California.

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Even Conan felt it.

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I felt it and Im in Texas dude

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