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Google Buzz: I want to get rid of this invasion of privacy "buzzing"...what can I do?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) February 17th, 2010

Okay…so….I learn that “Buzz” that I have been looking at as little gnat in the corner of my Gmail has opted to put ALL my contacts and information in their version of “Facebook” without my permission. I did NOT ask to join, nor did I even look at it as an option when it came up on my screen a few days ago. I don’t even like Facebook and have the minimal information and everyone blocked on that. (I just joined because a good friend twisted my arm and told me I was primeval for resisting.) As I’ve stated in this forum before, Fluther is one of the only places I post because it seems to have a lot of thoughtful, interesting and relatively sane people on it. It’s a nice community.

I went over to attempt to get rid of the “Buzz” and guess what? They do NOT have the same “opt-out” buttons on each account…isn’t that nice? I have a few accounts on Gmail…on one of them, I was able to “opt-out” by clicking on a button that was at the end of “Accounts” in Settings. Guess what? The others DID NOT have this. There doesn’t seem to be a continuity in HOW to delete Buzz completely. It seems that if you attempt to begin blocking people (which is what I did at first not finding that button) then, you automtatically are showing that you want the ridiculous, privacy-invading thing and you no longer have an option to opt-out.

There is no listing called “Buzz” in settings (as there was for one account) so that you can get in there and delete it.

Does anyone know what I can do? I don’t want to network, be friends with complete strangers, or insist that everyone know what I am doing every minute of the day. Some strange guy was following me——I don’t even want ANY friends that I love following me—-but who the heck was this guy? And why was he following ME? (This is a Huxley nightmare gone wild, frankly.)

I think that others must be facing this dilemma…and I hope someone comes up with a class action lawsuit. I will be the first in line.

Can someone help me DELETE BUZZ completely?

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According to news reports Google are trying to correct this ( albeit belatedly ), so we’ll actually have to wait and see what happens. They have admitted it wasn’t tested properly before its release.

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If you have enabled it already —pray! That is all you can do.

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