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What typical stereotype/kind of person do you attract?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 4th, 2008

Some stereotype examples of today:
Moshers, Chavs, Sporty, Emos, Popular, Punk Rockers, etc etc.

If you understand none of these, please just describe the kind of person who seems to want to be friends with you.
Personally i always have mates that are boys, popular kids, moshers and intelligent people all at the same time, no offence to anyone. They’re all really nice ^^ I’m asking because we were looking at popular stereotypes in class today, and i wanted to take the subject further….

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Oh and before i forget, i’m not against any social groups or anything, and i don’t think its nice to bully people because of what they want to be ^^

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You must be English if you’re using the word “chav”...we don’t really have those here in the US.

I don’t think that I have a stereotype that is attracted to me – or that I’m attracted to which I think it really boils down to. If you are attracted to a certain type of person, you’ll often attract them in return.

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We have chavs in the US. We just don’t call them that.

When I’m in social chat rooms where orientation is somehow marked or I refer to my partner, I seem to attract married men who are interested in cheating on their wives with another man. I have no idea why this is so.

In real life I tend to attract hopelessly single women who want a buddy to go man hunting with. I have no idea why this is so, either.

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cwilbur, we don’t have chavs like they do in the UK, trust me – I’ve lived there. We do have some characters you could probably compare to, but a chav is specific to the UK.

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My wife was a cheerleader, and went to the tennis state championship in high school. She was very popular in school. All my buddies and I are a bunch of haggard skateboarders. I never confined myself to a click in school, other than skaters, but we kicked it with everybody.

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Yeah, i am from the UK. I’ve never been to the US so…i wouldn’t personally know!

@cwilbur – Thats intresting! I have a friend who seems to attract married men also…and a lot of abnormal online strangers….I tend to stay away from that person a lot ^^

I just seem to know a lot of people that seem to fit specifically into 1 social group, and shun everyone else…..i was just wondering what it was like on a wider basis =]

I know a lot of people that tend to think of themselves as ‘popular’, but most of them are really fake, wear tons of makeup (which makes them look as though they’re trying too hard) and think that everyone else is in some kind of ‘lower’ class than them. I get along much better with people that aren’t like this….

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I would like to say i attract the beautiful kind of girls! (seeing as how im only a teen)
but for some reason a lot of gay guys hit on me >:[
I dont really have a set group of people, just not cheerleaders

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