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How do you use 100% pomegranate juice?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) February 19th, 2010

I bought a bottle of pomegranate juice (no added sweeteners so it is tart). So far, I’ve paired it with chocolate, white wine, and raspberry vinegar to make a duck glaze, and bacon grease and bananas to make some tasty fried bananas. I love the tart/sweet combo. What should I do with it next?

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yum! mix it with orange juice and gingerale for a morning fizz!

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Mix it with soda water, ice, and lime. Yum.

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Most of the time I just drink it straight. In a glass or right out of the bottle.

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If you are drinking it for health, you need to drink one cup a day.

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Use it as a substitute for grenadine in beverages!

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I’d mix it with some vodka and sweet vermouth for some awesome (and anti-oxidant!) cocktails.

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Make flavored smoothies with it.

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@lillycoyote At first I was thinking man you’re crazy! I thought it was tart on the level of cranberry juice. But I just tried it and it is pretty damn good by itself. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks everyone for the other drink suggestions as well. I just mixed it w/ rum and it is pretty good. Anyone use it in cooking or baking?

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