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What can be done to change the image of public officials?

Asked by santasha (4points) February 19th, 2010

what can be done to change the impressions of public officials?

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Voters can be more informed and vote with logic and not emotion.
We only have ourselves to blame when idiots attain public office since our process is democratic.
Incompetent people rise to high posts because of voter apathy.

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We could all get drunk and stay that way.

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Hanging them all seems reasonable….well yours, not mine

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Change the public officials.

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Boycott the products sold by the corporations that buy public officials their positions.

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Sure, hire a public relations firm.

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Screw “image!” Change their behavior by firing them!

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I think I agree with every response so far. (yes, every one.)
But especially, the first one.

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