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On a percentage scale how much of your attraction to someone is based off the physical?

Asked by audiomind5 (30points) March 4th, 2008

Should one be considering personality more? or should there be an equal balance?

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i think it’s different for every person you meet.

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To me it’s like 60–40. I’d rather have a girl who is cool and has an alright body than a girl who is really fine but is a bitch.

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19% physical. Its a nice perk if he is what I find to be physically sexy but I’d rather have a smart, sweet guy that t I could actually have a relationship with.

I find all humans to be beautiful anyways.

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The last two men I have felt deep love for I did not feel a lot of physical attraction to at first… but as I got to know them, and I saw their character shine through, they became increasingly more attractive. That is why beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

So I guess I’d have to say 30% physical attraction to 70% character.

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Of course, one “should” not let looks count, but in reality, it obviously does. I always thought looks played a big part for me, the girl I fancy is (when I’m honest) probably not considered all that good-looking by most. However, I do find her attractive, so I think a matching personality really does make one look prettier.

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There is no good answer to this question, only a matter of opinion.

To me, it’s difficult to answer with a percentage, since it’s kind of weird thing to compare a human being with a percentage.

In my mind, physic is only a matter of opinion, and I often surprise by my friends reactions about me finding some girls very attractive, but they often find them “normal” . I love women with a real charm, even if they are not “beautiful”, charm is for me the greatest physical criteria.

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Before u meet a person 100%. After u get 2 know them 0

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before you know somebody, its the only thing you know about them. as you get to know them it fluctuates. its very important to me personally.

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Vincentt said: “Of course, one “should” not let looks count.”

Huh? Should not? There is no such thing as “should” in this case. Any belief that we should ignore physical attributes as part of our basis of attraction is not only absurdist political correctness clap-trap, but also blatantly contradictory to our very nature as animals. We have been hard-wired for millennia to be more attracted to physically “more perfect” (in the sense of survival of the species traits) partners for far, far, far, far, far longer than we have been soft-wired to find non-physical traits attractive. All the “civilization” of the species will not change this and any belief that our natural wiring is somehow improper, immoral, or otherwise wrong is beyond inane. Physical traits will always be a major predicator of attractiveness among our species, even if we consciously choose to ignore them in favor of something less “bestial,” such as personality, social status, financial well-being, etc. It affects us all, unless we are truly unusual on some very real genetic and/or psychological level. The degree to which we let it help us decide who we are with may be up to us, but it doesn’t change the fact that we have no control over being attracted to people with certain physical characteristics.

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“Should” being the standards that, by general opinion, define genuine love.

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to me its 100% when i first meet the guy butt after I get with the person it doesn’t matter much

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Initially, physical attraction is very important to me. If I had to put a percentage on it, it might be 75% or so. But I have two thoughts about this:

1) Attractiveness is not a completely objective quality. There are guys that I find unbelievably attractive that my female friends would never look twice at.

2) What I find physically attractive is more than just a nice body, pretty eyes and good teeth – it is more about how a guy carries himself, how much he laughs, his sense of style. And I think these all reflect personality, to some extent.

So I don’t think you are a shallow person if you think attractiveness is important. However, you might be shallow if you only date male models from Sweden and refuse to talk to guys who don’t fit some kind of ideal of male perfection…

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Because different people have differing standards of physical attraction, what attracts one person might be unattractive to another. But what YOU find attractive would probably be near 100% of the initial attraction. I mean, you’re not going to hit on someone who you’re not attracted to, physically, and you don’t know enough about the person to know anything other than physical.
After the initial attraction, however, I think the physical part drops. Someone you might not have been initially attracted to might grow in their attractiveness as you get to know them.
For me, sense of humor is way high on my list of attractive qualities, but I don’t see that in a person initially. Therefore, it takes me a loooong time to be attracted to someone.
In the grand scheme of things, attraction is important, but it’s only a small percentage in the list of attractiveness.
And now, “attractive” is no longer a word in my mind.

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05% physical attraction, personality and sense of humor is everything to me.

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I guess im a little bit more shallow, but maybe because im a teenager?
Mine is about 65–35
the higher is on physical attraction.
I do love to have a girl that i can talk to and enjoy her company, but if i need something more.

Maybe its a good comparison (to the older ladies and gents) about the age factor of all this.
seems like more others like personality just the same

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Personally, I care very little about physical attractiveness in the traditional “tall, dark, and handsome” sense. Some people say that if you’re not attracted to someone right off the bat it will never work. And don’t get me wrong, I like to ogle David Beckham in tightie whities as much as the next person. But I have now dated a few people who didn’t catch my eye at first, but after talking to them, getting to know them, and laughing with them, I suddenly find myself emotionally, physically, and sexually attracted to them. I’ve had better luck in these relationships than with the conventionally attractive hotties that I’ve dated. But I also put a LOT of stock in sense of humor, so if you have that it really doesn’t matter what you look like.

Also, I have a number of female friends who put a lot of importance on finding their “type”—one friend in particular who looks for tall men over 6-feet who are athletic, buff, and conventionally attractive…and of course have fantastic personalities and are wildly intelligent. She’ll walk into a bar and pick out one hot dude that she wants to talk to. Well, guess what? So does everyone else! When I walk into a bar I think that a lot of guys could be interesting or funny even though they might not attract me at first.

Needless to say, my friend’s high standards of attractiveness prevent her from meeting great men who might not catch her eye at first as the hottest one in the room, but nevertheless have many hidden treasures to offer the opposite sex.

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Percentages can’t describe it. Sure a woman can be attractive to me based almost entirely on looks, and I can feel unattracted to women based on looks. But that’s superficial and meaningless. It’s who they are, how they live, and the connection between us. The strongest attraction I’ve ever felt has been about her personality – the way she (mostly her eyes and face) moves and talks and projects joy, vivacity, intelligence, and magic. That experience has nothing to do with form and overpowers everything else.

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