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What are some sentences for the following words (isn't homework)

Asked by chiplmprincessa (70points) February 23rd, 2010

This isn’t homework. It is part of school but it’s not homework. Our teacher puts extra credit on our test which is sentences with our vocab words. So I just wanted to know some good sentences for these words:
1. Sound
2. Wave
3. Vibration
4. Wavelength
5. Frequency
6. Pitch
7. Volume

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The purpose of the assignment is to define the terms. If you can’t define the terms yourself, you need to go back and reread the materials.

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“Extra credit if I do this” counts as “homework” in the “do your own” sense.

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Extended learning at home is still homework. If you do not understand the terms, use a dictionary. If you do, it is a simple enough task.

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It is homework,do ya hear me??lol!

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This is YOUR homework and I think you need to do it and not ask the members of Fluther to do it for you. You can google the words for definitions if you do not know what they mean. Sorry, but my homework days have been over for years.

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Homework time is over…time to go out and play in traffic!

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If you did your own homework more frequently, your brain volume would be so vibrant you wouldn’t need to pitch your questions to Fluther. But things being as they are, it sounds like you can wave your extra credit goodbye.

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@Fyrius Love it!!! Very good response.

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Here’s a sentence for you.
“Hello, I am doing my homework. I need to put together a sentence with these 7 words: Sound, Wave, Vibration, Wavelength, Frequency, Pitch, Volume.”

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