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How do i get my iphone from a language i can read back english?

Asked by Coop (1points) February 23rd, 2010

there just a bunch of symbols on my phone. I can not figure out how to about getting to the part in the settings to switch it to english.

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Call 1–800 MYIPHONE

If the frontline person taking your call can’t handle it, insist on being bumped up to a product specialist. I’m sure you’re not the first person to encounter this problem :)

You are entitled to free telephone support for a year and longer if you sprang for the extra warranty period.

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Plug it into your computer and click “restore settings”.

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Looking from my phone, go to settings (the app with the cogs), scroll down to general (the 7th option, with the cog picture), hit international (the second to last option, right before reset), hit language (first option), and select english.

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