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Fade to black music video category

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Auto-tuned womens choral.

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Pop. AOR pop, at that. But Prince will snooze in the limo all the way to the bank, won’t he?

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Meh. Sinead did it better.

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Soft pop?

Give me metal. I need to listen to Lordi now.

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Pop classical.

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It’s reminding me of the young girl who became famous overnight quite a few years ago for about the same style… I can’t remember her name though, ugh!

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file under tranquilizer dart

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Just to save myself from embarrassment:

This was a question my girlfriend asked me and I couldn’t really describe the genre myself. She was hoping to find other music like it, but was having a hard time classifying it so she could actually find something else like it.

I definitely prefer O’Connor’s version, though I can’t say I’ve heard Prince’s.

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It almost sounds like new age. But I suppose it’s counted as a crossover of classical and pop. But that’s what new age is in many ways.

If not that, I’d call it clop. :)

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@Shuttle128 – Prince wrote the song, and it was originally performed in the 80s by one of the groups he put together called The Family. I wish I could link it, but Prince protects his copyright online with a power grip.

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@aprilsimnel yeah, The Family’s version is rare indeed-used to have that on cassette! Prince wrote it, The Family originally sang it, then Sinead O’ Connor, then Prince, then…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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A total waste of such a glorious venue.

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Nice video, I have no clue who they are. Sorry. If I were to put it in a playlist in my Ipod, I’d put it in soft pop. I guess. Really nice cover, though.

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Not too sure where to place the genre but I do prefer the Sinead O’Conner version much more than this one, still quite nice…….. :-)

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