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Why does everything taste like chicken?

Asked by trogdor (58points) March 4th, 2008
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I promise not everything taste like chicken.

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Heh well you know what im talking about

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everything taste like chicken because everything is actually made with chicken but labelled as such so that you would never know the difference.

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we’re pods in a matrix

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beef tastes like beef

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You are all welcomed to Europe,to try “real thing”.

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heh squirbel, nice answer
always been a fan of those movies

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Thanks Dine!

Soylent everything is people! Um seriously, what you experience is nerve sensations from you, not from what’s in your mouth. So that’s one reason some things would seem to taste similarly. Sort of like some things look like they are the same color. The color is in your eye and mind, which only has so many values to report, unless you’re [highly illegal content removed by the War on Drugs, “for kids’ sake”].

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Everything tasteless tastes like chicken tastes when it has been raised in batteries and then chopped and reformed into nuggets. if you’ve ever bought a free-range chicken at 3x the price of factory-raised chicken and roasted it in a slow oven (after an initial crisping at 450 degrees for 15 minutes) and eaten it after a 10-minute resting period after it gets brown, with nothing on it but salt, you know that real chicken has a distinct and fabulously intense flavor you will want to experience again. And again! And again!

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