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How many families in this country eat dinner together?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) March 4th, 2008

I’m wondering if anyone knows hard statistics on where people eat dinner: in front of the tv? around the dinner table? on the run? What percent of Americans eat where?

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we never did with my parents and now me and my husband have different schedules so we never do either

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We do, dinner at the table every night – no TV. Kids are 13 & 15, 22-year old lives on his own.

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Does anyone know the statistics?

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Numbers vary from 40 to 80 percent. One study from 2006 says about 57.

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My family did. No TV, no music, no books, no computer, nothing but food and family. It really helped keep our family in tune to what was going on with everybody, especially during the teenage years when everyone had busy schedules.

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We don’t sit at the table. Our life is so hectic, we just grab a plate and watch TV while we eat.

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finkelitis, I imagine you can find stats about any topic including this one by doing a google search. I think this would have been a question better suited for this site if you were asking for people’s anecdotal experiences instead. Most flutherers went that direction with it anyway.

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@scamp: Pretty Hectic!

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approximately 78

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My family does because it is a rule in my home. I feel that at least once a day my family will sit down and talk this way. Knowing what’s going on in your family is important. Sometimes I go off trashing the microwave as the fall of the American family. So many people pop in and nuke food and move on and miss the opertunity of eating together every single day.

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i’d look in the public health literature on nutrition and socialization.

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i would think maybe about 35% of families actually eat dinner around the table….that precentage needs to go ^.

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