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What is the average monthly/yearly salary for a psychologist?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) February 26th, 2010

I know there are many types of psychologists, but I am just asking for psychologists in general.
Please, and thank you! : )

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“The median expected salary for a typical Psychologist in the United States is $78,243.”


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(Dang she’s fast on the draw!)

Here’s what I found from the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010–2011.

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Keep in mind that the monthly/yearly salary for psychologists varies from state to state, sometimes greatly. So, I would suggest specifically looking up Hawaiian psychologist wages before you make any decisions.

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There are many areas for Psychologists to work. A clinical Psychologist with a busy and successful practice will earn many times the amount of a psychologist working for an employer in another area.

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If you work in a public school system, not that much. If you have a practice or have a research position at a major university, probably a nice salary.

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In the UK they start at around £30,000…. in the NHS.

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DarkScribe is right on.

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