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Why do people hate Mondays?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) February 26th, 2010

I have no idead why people have Mondays, do you?

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The return to hell work.

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Because children grow up with Garfield as their model.

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Because they had the weekend to relax, and had gotten used to that. Then they have to go back to work, or school. It’s the hardest day to go to work or school because you are out of the habit after the weekend.

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My love has to go back to work and oldest has to go back to school.

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They remind me of that song.

Actually I like Mondays, they are the quietest time of the week, no deadlines looming.

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Because most people go back to doing the things they hate on Mondays.
Mondays happen to be my days off so… =)

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Most people use their weekends to do fun stuff or to relax. Monday means back to your normal routine.

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A lot of suicides occur on Wednesdays, actually… not Mondays.

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I don’t think it’s b/c they have to go back to work, but b/c they know it’s the FIRST of five days of work. I think Wednesday through Friday aren’t bad!

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Tuesdays are the worst! Not the first day of the week not even the middle of the week but that horrible day between the first and the middle! Nothing happens on Tuesdays! till i’m disproved

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Because it’s the beginning of a 5 day long week of work. Because they have to wait 4 more days till they can relax. Because they just came back from relaxing weekend. I don’t know.. I personally don’t like them just because it’s the beginning of the week, I’m groggy eyed, and I have to work for another 5 days.

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@DarkScribe La la rainy days and Mondays always get me down..

@Cheeseball451 because most people don’t want to go back to work or school, or deal with whatever errands they have planned for the start of the week. For the most part I have not worked in M-F jobs, so Monday was not a big deal. When I have worked M-F, I think Friday was the worst, I have to disagree with @mrrich724. By Friday I am exhausted. 5 straight days in a row is hard for me.

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You are forced to return to the DARK VOID.

aka work.

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@Facade: I too am off on Mondays.

We could hang out, eat lunch. I’ll compliment you on your fabulous hair.

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Cuz they suck. Suck suck suck!

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Work is tough. It’s five days of doing things you might not do otherwise and it’s not rewarding for many people.

Then you get two das off.

for those two days you get to do the things you want to do. You go out and have a lot of fun. Then Monday rolls around. That’s the royal bringdown day.

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I honestly hate my work, and I believe I am justified in doing so. But 90–97% of the time I don’t let it show. My boss is an a** who I feel misses being a drill sergeant in the Army. He really intimidates me, and I try to make myself and appear to be happy to be there, but it is dealing with this issue that makes me hate Mondays.

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Probably for the same reason I love Saturdays. Either way, I have no idea.

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If you work Monday to Friday, it’s pretty obvious.

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Our brains need time to escape weekend mode.

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Who doesn’t?

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