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Anyone know what font this is?

Asked by Skeeter (14points) February 27th, 2010

Anyone know what font is in this invite?


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Couldn’t tell you, but I can guarantee whomever that is does not want the detailed information to their event displayed to a shit-ton of random Internet strangers. Predators are everywhere.

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@Seek_Kolinahr :: The link is to a image hosted on Etsy. It is just a sample invitation that someone is trying to sell.

I tried the normal font identification things without any luck. I would suggest asking here.

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Thanks, JohnPowell. I just posted on the forum you suggested.

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It looks similar to Scriptina. Maybe go check out the fonts on and look up calligraphy or a script handwriting font.

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I just looked through my font viewer. I searched for your font by trying to match the lowercase th, d, and p. The best match was Scriptina. The th is not connected as in your sample but the d and p both have the large swooping loops.

Others I found (not as close a match as Scriptina but similar to what you’re looking for): French Script, Blackadder, Juergen, 1610 Cancellaresca, Abigail, Windsong.

Hope this helps.

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Found it! The font was Olicana Rough with ligatures and contextual alternates.

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