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Does garlic go bad? How long can it last?

Asked by erik (63points) January 23rd, 2007
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Don't usually dessicates rather than spoils. When you peel off papery layer, you will find a dried brownish little thing..clearly not edible. Will last for several weeks, depending on temp. of kitchen..G
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it can also mold if left in too moist an environment.
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rots on the windowsill in my kitchen after about two weeks.
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My mom has a little garlic keeper - it's a ceramic container with a lid and some cutouts for air. Perhaps it's supposed to keep the garlic fresh longer. I bet a store like Sur La Table or Crate and Barrel would carry one.
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Also, when it starts to sprout green, it's likely to be bitter. Any sign of green growth and you will want to chuck it.
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I just cut out the green sprouts. But maybe it's still bitter and I just haven't noticed.
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try keeping you garlic in some sand in a flower pot.
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Don’t buy so much and use within the first week.

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