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Quirky Vegas things to do?

Asked by kevbo (25654points) February 28th, 2010 from iPhone

Making another pilgrimmage. Been lucky to have been there and done that for a lot of what we’ve wanted to do. Kind of showed out. After running down the list, a hiking trip to red rock and the pinball hall of fame seem like some offbeat fun. What else is not your usual Vegas experience?

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Go when the Adult Entertainment Expo is in town. I went one year and had a blast.

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Get married to a hooker in a little white chapel.~

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A quirky Vegas girl?

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Get really, really pissed and marry a showgirl at one of those chapels where Elvis presides over the service.

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Damn. Guess I took too long to write as everyone beat me to it. Shit. No one was writing when I started. You bastards!

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^prima donna

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I almost went there last year, and was planning on touring their wastewater treatment plant. I think they may also have the largest landfill in the nation, and that you can go see it on weekdays. Also, someone takes all the food scraps from the buffets and feeds them to his pigs.

I’ve done some hiking at red rock and it was pretty fun. There are several hikes in the area. I am not much of a show person, but the Cirque du Soleil one I saw a few years ago was awesome.

If you’re going in the summer, you might try crashing the other hotel pools.

There is also a race park – not sure how you get to drive on it.

There are some wacky museums like the Atomic Testing Museum.

There is the Springs Preserve.

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Mustang Ranch, of course.

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Not getting married in a Chapel o Love by Elvis :-)

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There is Sky Mania Fun Center or indoor sky diving if you are looking for something a little different. I’ve heard that the indoor sky diving is a lot of fun, though I haven’t done it myself. Sky Mania looks like it would be a blast.

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@jonsblond, thanks! Unfortunately, my
fat ass exceeds the weight limit for the skydiving :-p. I’ll jump pretty high for some cake, though.

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Helicopter ride above the strip!

@jonsblond indoor skydiving is awesome.

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I didn’t know there’s a weight limit for indoor sky diving. good to know so i never embarass myself by trying!!

go to the Liberace Museum. It’s on the outskirts, not on the strip, and it’s great if you like history and antiques/collectibles. the things that Liberace owned and had custom made for himself are amazing.

If you rent a car, take a ride to the top of Mount Charleston. i think it’s about 9000 feet high, and there’s ice at the top. it’s about a half hour from downtown Las Vegas. It’s just a quiet trip away from the hustle and bustle of LV.

Also, it’s fun to look at model homes if you’re into it. there are a lot of housing developments and they all have model homes.

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@jca, great suggestions. Thanks!

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@jca Great suggestion with Mt. Charleston. We used to visit the lodge there all the time. Here’s the link.

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@jca @jonsblond GAs. I’m taking notes. God knows I’ll end up in Vegas against my will again sometime in the future…

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if you’re into amusement park rides, go to the top of the Stratosphere Tower – great rides and very very scary. even better if you’re afraid of heights.

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@jca, that’s where we’re staying. I haven’t done the rides yet. Also found Luv-it Custard.

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Kev: go on the bungee thing. you will shit!! you will feel like you’re going to fly off the top of the building.

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