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For those of you that believe in a God, would you say your relationship with the big man is more relaxed or serious?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25265points) March 1st, 2010

When I say relaxed, I don’t mean that your belief is any less than the more serious but, for example, my dad laughs at me because I am very jokey about my relationship with God. I often say, when pissed off for example, things like “I’m going to have to have a word with the big man upstairs” or “what exactly is are you playing at?” whilst looking up at the sky. I have always been like this in my belief. I am not afraid to inform God that I am not happy with his decisions for me when it comes to certain situations always tongue in cheek of course, he can handle it!!!

I know many people who dare not joke about their faith and who wouldn’t dream of “talking” to God or questioning their circumstances in the way that I do. I often wonder if this is because their belief is stronger than mine or whether I am just much more comfortable to admit that I can’t say for certain if there is a God but I am able to accept that and just believe what feels right for me.

If there is a God then he’ll either send me to hell for my backchatting or he’ll respect me for saying “dude, that was uncool!”

What is your relationship with God like? Do you give him a peice of your mind like I do or do you take whatever is thrown your way quietly?

I don’t want this to turn into a religion vs atheism arguement so I really hope that those of you who don’t believe will not take the piss too much out of this question!

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I think God enjoys a more relaxed relationship. S/he gets plenty of serious from organized religious idiots and nonbelievers. Your relaxed relationship is probably like a breath of fresh air!

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I think it is all about respect, I talk to God too and I let him know what I think about things that happen in my life, you know every day things. I know that I would say anything like: this is your fault or why are you doing this ? that would be judging. It is ok and good to have a good relationship with God I think, some people might think that is disrespectful but I think everyone should feel comfortable when they talk to God (:

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Being a deity, can put you in a serious mood, I imagine. All things however are purposeful. I have the sense of humor likely created in someone else’s Image. If I were a deity, I’d definitely have a good sense of humor. How else could one rectify the bizarre and stupid things in this world, like < you fill in the blank >.

All that groveling, and burning of non-believers. I think I’d have to send a plague to punish them for killing off the cats during the middle ages.

Be nice to my Kitties or ELSE

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I have a very serious relationship with the Lord, and have a relaxed relationship with him as my guide and mentor.

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So John Goodman really is God?

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It’s a bit of both for me. There is a time to be serious and a time to relax and enjoy the close relationship we have cultivated.

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scared of Him…very scared…

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More relaxed.

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Relaxed and familiar.

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It’s just
I forget
the Meds
I think

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I have been a Christian for 35 years. My relationship with God/Jesus is very serious, but also very intimate and relaxed. I think it’s possible to be all three. Years ago, when I was all alone, and had nobody to laugh with, I’d tell God jokes and laugh until my sides hurt.

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Mine is relaxed. I don’t think of Mother and Father God as being two beings floating in the sky watching my every move or controlling me like a puppet. I feel that they’re in everything around me and my relationship with them is more internal. Less like a parent/child relationship, more like a partnership between me and them. So I guess that’s what makes it more casual for me.

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I’d say pretty serious. I haven’t been alive long enough to truly ‘converse’ with God, but every once and a while I’ll think to God, “Really? Why?” That’s usually because I’m either pissed or confused.

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Mine is respectful.

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Most of the time I’m being seriously relaxed.

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@mattbrowne Hey; I will defer to your description. Anytime I can agree with you and be honest about it, I will ! after reading that impressive interview tonight

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