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What's your opinion of proposal for Reagan's portrait on $50 bill?

Asked by njnyjobs (7582points) March 3rd, 2010

Without stating the name, do you know which dead president’s portrait is on the $50 bill now?, , ,

Does Reagan “fit the bill”?

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Grant is already on it.
Let him get his own bill.

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I’m all for it.

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A $50 is too large a bill to wipe one’s ass with. Can’t we put Reagan on the One?

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Preposterous. I’d be down with Franklin Roosevelt though.

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No one fits the bill. They should leave the money exactly the way it is now. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken???

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@Captain_Fantasy I guess you’re a speed reader, just glancing at questions and foregoing details…

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I’m a spoiler like that.
U.S. Grant seemed like a secondary focus of this question to the fawning praise of Reagan who doesn’t deserve the accolades he gets.

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Yes, I already knew who was on the 50.
Reagan doesn’t deserve it. I really don’t understand this Cult of Reagan stuff. He wasn’t that great a president, and he gets credit for things he had no control over (the fall of the Soviet Union), and doesn’t get hung with the obvious mistakes of his presidency (Iran/Contra).

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@Bluefreedom ah, that’s what I was going to say. : )

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@Violet. Great minds think alike. =)

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I think Grant was an awful president who doesn’t deserve to be on the $50. I’d prefer… I dunno, John Adams or Theodore Roosevelt.

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Grant was a terrible president, but a full on success when it came to the Civil War.
Franklin is on the $100, and Alexander Hamilton is on the $2 bill, and they weren’t Presidents, so why not give the $50 to MLK, or John Glenn (once he passes), or Bobbie Kennedy?

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@phoenyx Grant isn’t on the $50 for his presidential performance

I’d put TR on the $20. TR was teh bomb.

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I say we put him on the nation’s maroon jel pens.
Because of all the red ink

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(I also think Grant was a sub par general who happened to be on the winning side.)

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@filmfann Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill… and he most certainly WAS a president.

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Oops, sorry. Hamilton is on the $10

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Save it for when we get into hyperinflation. A 1 billion dollar note with Ronnie followed by a 1 trillion dollar note with Dubya would most befit their legacies.

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No. This is crazy. I am already really pissed off they changed our Capitol airport from Washington National to Reagan National, that is a disgrace to me. It has nothing to do with what I think of Reagan as a president. They, those fighting for the change, had the chutzpah to say at the time that the airport is not names after Pres. Washington, but after the city. F!$k them.

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I find the suggestion highly offensive. For me, Reagan is the president who proved that the president doesn’t run the country, and is mainly a figurehead for the highly gullible. That people now think he’s some great leader of the nation is just another shameful idiocy.

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The $50 is perfectly fine with Grant on it. Put Ronnie on the $10. It’s not like Hamilton did anything especially noteworthy * ba-dum-psh! * ~

Those guys at the mint need a hobby.

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Reagan belongs on the three dollar bill…

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@Nullo They can put Reagan on the reverse of Clinton.
They can put him on holding his famous co-star, Bonzo the monkey.

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Reagan ripped off the solar panels that Jimmy Carter had put on the White House. He also took advice from his wife’s astrologer. This pretty much disqualifies him.

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You’re so biased, even Nancy Pelosi thinks you’re biased! : P

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Put Bonzo on the $1000 bill. We’ll be needing that soon for small change.

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Wha? Alexander Hamilton didn’t do anything noteworthy? You may be joking, but I have to come to his defense. I think he was a necessary counter to Thomas Jefferson. Also, I think preventing Aaron Burr from becoming our third president is enough to earn him a place on some currency.

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RR would be more deserving, and a better choice than US Grant.

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I’m positive that we can come up with someone a thousand times more deserving than Reagan. If not, Grant is already doing a fine job.

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@dpworkin – Couldn’t we just put Reagan on the penny and then phase it out altogether?

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You’re kidding, right, @Rufus_T_Firefly ? Who would wipe his or her ass with a penny?

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Let’s institute the two-cent penny-oid.

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When Ronald Reagan took office the deficit was $94 billion, and federal debt was $930 billion, in two years he increased the deficit to $208 billion, and by 1988 the deficit was $2.6 trillion. Ronald Reagan’s tax cut and spend policies dug the United States a hole that it may never climb out of.

So, in order to properly honor the Ahlzeimers-addled conservative demigod, we should put Reagan’s visage where it can truly be appreciated.

On food stamps

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