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What are your thoughts on Glenn Beck?

Asked by Siblinings (136points) March 4th, 2010

I don’t think he’s as bad as they make out, no where near perfect but I have changed the way I think because of him, I’m now a libertarian.

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He is a very skilled performer who knows how to galvanize his base, drive up ratings, and make money for himself and for Roger Ailes. That’s entertainment.

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Next q.

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I’m trying to not be taking in by him but he just making sense when it comes to big governments become corrupt.

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I think he is an entertainer doing what makes him money.

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I’m a Libertarian too,but not because of him.In fact,I never really watched him but maybe should to see what the fuss is about??

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I started watching him as I need to listen to all sides of the argument to see what’s right.

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My thoughts?
I’m surprised he manages to go 2 hours a day without the tinfoil on his head.

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@Siblinings -I don’t watch much tv anymore,but if I run into his program,I will give it a chance :)

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From all the clips I seen of him on Digg he seemed like a loon, but actually watching his show and he has soon good points. Just because you may not like someone and some people may think they have some crazy ideas don’t mean he doesn’t have any good ideas, you just have to watch for yourself and find out.

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The only thing I’ve ever seen of him was him barking at a TV screen and this.

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He’s still a radical when it comes to certain things such as global warming, he lacks basic scientific knowledge, actually now I think about it he’s actually off the mark on quite a few issue. It was just he took me aback as he was average and make good sense to me on a few issues.

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He is either seriously deranged, or a damn good actor. He sees conspiracy around every corner, to the point where even your garden variety conspiracy theorist can’t take him seriously.

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I think he is right on a lot of issues and he does it while being a good entertainer.

He has taught me a lot and actually kept me interested in politics with his hilarious show (his radio show is a lot funnier than his TV show).

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He’s definitely entertaining to watch. Not as boring as Rachel Madcow.

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that he is an inferior and pathetic specimen of the Human species.

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@DominicX I saw him playing with food once…

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He’s entertainment for the Right. Many of the things he says are factually challenged, but Fox News defends its Constitutional right to lie. As long as you realize it’s entertainment, not necessarily true news, you’ll be fine. To me, the problem is that neither he nor his network go very far out of their way to let the audience know that it’s not, as the name of the channel implies, News.

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@laureth Spot on. I can’t watch any of his stuff without cringing. He is a loon. But I guess he fits in at Faux News.

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@ragingloli: Vulcans have no right to judge Americans!

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Vulcans have the right to commence orbital bombardment of America if, when it becomes necessary.

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@ragingloli: Vulcans, I will pray for you.

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Actually, if I may, I have a question for the folks here who’ve said that they’ve learned from him, or changed their views because of something Glenn said. Do you fact-check his information? Because that’s important to do before acting as though something he said is true. He uses names and pictures and soundbites that come from reality, but he presents them in such a way that, when mixed liberally with his opinion and straight-up misinformation, and designed as entertainment, that could lead the unwary to a wrong conclusion.

Just sayin’. It’s like learning medicine from House or policework from CSI, except those networks don’t try to present those shows as anything other than fiction.

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He very closely, but not 100% understands things the way I happen to see them myself.

If one listens to their sense if right and wrong (gut, instinct, morality, whatever) they will draw the same conclusion whether they get their information from Glenn or that humorless, smug, rhyme over reason shill Keith Olberman.

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I heard he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. I don’t have any evidence of this, but he hasn’t convinced me otherwise. Read all about it here.

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@laureth: it also has to do with understanding the wider context. the thing, though, Glenn Beck or anyone else can say something that “makes sense” (I shudder when I hear that phrase—everything makes sense to somebody) and change your mind in minutes or seconds. to understand the wider context and to analysis it critically takes years. years. and smarts a lot of people don’t even happen to have.

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Sometimes you have to over sell. Just to make a point.
Epically when it comes to politics.

No question he is crazy. But in a good way.

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He used to be a neoconservative fucktard. But every time I check in on the program I see he’s actually thinking for himself as he steps away from the neocon bullshit without turning the dark side of the left.

He’s a little paranoid, sure, but there’s not a thing wrong with that.

So my thoughts are that his views “improve” everytime he opens his mouth.g

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@ChazMaz: yeah. no harm in having crazy people mold popular opinion. I mean, that has always worked out well in the past.

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He’s despicable & damnable. I’d get along a WHOLE lot better with my parents if he wasn’t around to fill their heads with contemptuous and usually empty positions. I can’t call them ‘ideas’ because they aren’t.

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@Ria777 – You speak truth. However, Glenn has a lot of low-hanging fruit for fact-checkers to gag on, too.

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“I mean, that has always worked out well in the past.”
It sure has. ;-)

It is sad that such an obtrusive manner is needed in order to get a point across.

Still a need in our society for a good side show.

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I don’t like his music as much as I like Warren Buffet’s.

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@ChazMaz: Still a need in our society for a good side show.

you have mixed up “need” and “want”. society wants a good sideshow. it doesn’t need it. and that doesn’t need one which hurts as much as it amuses.

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“you have mixed up “need” and “want”. ”

Yes, you are right. GA.

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I like him, and any other Conservative that bashes Liberals.

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@Roby you must be a great fan of Hitler then

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He is the living embodiment of both Godwin’s and Poe’s Laws.

I basically think he’s the political equivalent of a cult leader.

Or just a regular cult leader, since his religious mythology (Mormonism) is pretty deeply tied into his politics.

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@Mamradpivo, I heard about how he may have raped and murdered a young girl too!

Now, I’m not saying he did rape and murder a young girl in 1990. But as you noted, some people are claiming that he did. And there’s a whole website that explores the issue. I mean, there’s all sorts of connections that seem to tie Glenn Beck to the allegation that he raped and murdered a girl almost 20 years ago. The evidence isn’t conclusive, but it’s there, and it brings up all sorts of questions.

So I don’t understand why Beck hasn’t even commented on it! It’s like he refuses to acknowledge that it exists—except when he threatened to sue the website that was just asking questions about it! Why would he do that if he didn’t have anything to hide? I’m not saying he does have something to hide, mind you, I’m just asking questions.

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Beck is a conservative loudmouth catering to conservative loudmouths. It seems a large part of communicating these days requires hand waving and snarky remarks.

I prefer Joe Scarborough he seems to have a pretty good pulse on what is really going on sans the hype.

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…speaking of Godwin’s law…

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funny when on CNN from then on I’ve only seen clips on TV

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I think Glenn Beck is doing an imitation of James Spader’s Alan Shore from Boston Legal.

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He is good at one thing….faking a cry! about it…oh, he talks a lot!

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I don’t want to waste my thoughts on him!!!!

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@pearls, you beat me to it. I came here specifically to say I have no thoughts on him, because thinking about him would take up valuable mental real estate. He’s just another Limbaugh/Hannity/Coulter/O’Reilly to me. A talking head who capitalizes on the outrage felt when this twisted sense of entitlement among the over-privileged, usually white folks is shattered, because they realize that the rest of the world doesn’t regard them as highly as they regard themselves. Every time I see this guy’s “book” (I use quotes, because I don’t count right wing propaganda in the same category as literature), he looks like he’s wearing a damn Nazi uniform. From what little I have heard him speak, it wouldn’t surprise me.

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@dalepetrie You judge this man so harshly, yet you have barely even listened to the guy. I think even Glenn Beck deserves to be judged fairly.

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I’m new to Fluther and the first impression I get is that people are quick to hop on the bandwagon on certain topics. If it’s not one person making a sarcastic-unrelated comment then it’s someone else snobbishly shouting their thoughts without even considering the other side of the argument. I, by no means have liked watching Glenn Beck in the past, as so many other “Flutherites” seem to share this in common (what a crowd you’ve got here…), as the only time I saw him was when the media would show a clip of him doing something that they can bash him for. I always thought he was the crazy lunatic that everyone made him look like. But I decided to actually watch his TV show to see if all this reason for degedation was genuine. I admit, I’m a hard one to please, but as time went on, his show began to inspire me ask the simple questions that no one seemed to ask. His show actually gave me a sense of independence that I seemed to have lost. I was woken up, politically. It’s good that he looks at everything with a skepical eye, but for God’s sakes people, stop bashing the poor guy. Give him a chance.

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I like the guy. >ducks<

While I don’t agree with everything he says, some things really do make sense, if you actually watch his show and not just the clips.

He acts a bit crazy, but that may be part of why I like him.

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@pikipupiba – trust me, I’ve heard enough. I’ve seen his show. I know what he does. And you don’t go around saying things like Obama has a deep seated hatred of white people, or telling the first Muslim elected to Congress that you wish you could ask him to prove he wasn’t working for our enemies. Everything the guy stands for is vile to me….the tea party protests, the denial of global warming science, the referral to the ideal of making sure everyone has a fair shake as “Socialism”, his referrals to “the real America”, and his going after ACORN for registering voters…all knee jerk, lock step Conservative hysteria, he buys into it and hypes it and amplifies it. I’ve given the guy a far more fair shake than he’d ever give someone with my political views, but I refuse to see him as acting “a bit crazy” “at times”, or dismissing some of his more out there comments as just “a little paranoid”. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, he just said one too many evil, stupid, ignorant, hateful thing and now that benefit has been revoked.

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@pearls but, you must have thoughts on the dude or you would not have answered the question! lol

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“Makes sense” or “is plausible” doesn’t necessarily mean “is true,” though.

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@BoBo1946 Nope, other than I won’t waste my time listening to him.

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@pearls OH…got’cha…me either!

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@dalepetrie, you must be sincerely uninformed. Watch the show for a few weeks and listen with open ears. You won’t get very far in life if you don’t open up to one side as you do the other. And what’s wrong with the tea party group? They stand for lower taxes and smaller government, that’s not vile to me at all.

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ITT: “People who don’t agree with me are ‘sincerely uninformed’”.

Just because your opinion isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean it’s somehow more valid. @dalepetrie said he has seen the show, meaning that he “opened up” to it. Being open-minded doesn’t mean you agree with everyone’s opinions.

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Funny. You took what I said competely out of context. And @dalepetrie, watch the show a few more times. I never like to think that some people would watch something once and have their mind made up on so many related topics off their first impression.

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@south70 – I’ve seen it more than once. And I DO find the tea party vile. This isn’t people protesting “taxation without representation”, this is people protesting the fact that they should have to pay any taxes at all. What’s uninformed is the Conservatives who buy the rhetoric that the solution to all our problems is smaller government and lower taxes. That’s all well and good if you’re one of the haves, but not if you’re among the have nots. About a sixth of our population lives below the poverty level and about a sixth of our population can’t afford health care. 10% of the population doesn’t have a job (and that doesn’t even count the people who are underemployed or who are no longer drawing benefits), and of people who make the least amount of money that’s more like 30%. The middle class is shrinking, the lower class is growing, and the standard of wealth is getting greater and greater. A few years back, being a billionaire was no longer enough to get you on the list of the 400 wealthiest people in the world. There’s a small group of super wealthy people who convince people to go out and join things like the Tea Party.

And they do it like this. They talk about Federal tax rates like those are the ONLY taxes people pay. That’s what they fight against, they don’t like that it’s a progressive system. You get the Joe the Plumber mentality which basically goes something like this. “Maybe some day I’ll make $250k a year, but if MY taxes go up after 250k, why shouldn’t I stop working once I’ve made 249k. I’d be working harder and bringing home less money because my taxes went up.” This is based on three fundamental misunderstandings that have been foisted upon the ignorant who’ve been all too eager to eat up this pablum.

First off, progressive taxes mean from dollar 1 to dollar 30,000 you pay 10%, then from 30 to 50k you pay 15% and so on. So, when Obama campaigned for raising the highest marginal tax rates on incomes over $250k (which is an EXTREMELY small number of people), it was lowered from Clinton’s 39.6% to Bush’s 36%...Obama wanted it to be 38%. But 38% would ONLY apply to money earned over and ABOVE $250k. It’s not like the first 250k is going to be taxed more heavily, so if you earn $250,001, it’s still better than $250,000…that one dollar is taxed at 38% instead of the 36% it would have been taxed at. And that’s really what this is about. There’s this vast amount of wealth sitting at the top on the very few people who do so well under our capitalist system that they make obscene amounts of income, yet are given a myriad of ways to avoid taxes on it.

The second intentional misunderstanding is the fact that Federal taxes are not all there is. You have state taxes, city taxes, county taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, utility taxes, you’re paying taxes on your internet and phone and cable and everything you buy and property you own. All these taxes really don’t go up if your income goes up. Yes, to some degree if you make more money you spend more and spend more on sales taxes, but someone who makes 20 grand a year is going to spend every penny they make, all that money is taxed in the form of sales taxes on everything they buy. But you make 20 million, maybe you spend 2 million of it, 18 million of it is saved or invested (often in ways that allow the person to take a tax break on it and lower their Federal taxes as well), now only 10% of their income is subject to sales taxes while 100% of the income of someone in poverty is subject to these taxes. But if I make 20 grand a year or 20 million, and I buy high speed internet, that’s going to be 50 bucks a month plus tax either way. And yeah, maybe the rich person buys more expensive food, but it’s not in proportion to income…in other words, if you make 20 grand, you might spend 200 a month on food, you make 20 million, even if you eat out 3 times a day at fancy restaurants that cost $100 a meal, that’s 10 grand a month…wretched excess by anyone’s standards. But that’s 50 times as much for food, but 1,000 times the income. These non Federal taxes come out 20 times as high for the poor than for the rich.

Then the third lie is that it will hurt small businesses, but they use REVENUES to say that most businesses “make” more than 250 grand. Yes, they bring in more than 250 grand in revenue, but very few small businesses make 250 grand or more in PROFIT, and it’s PROFIT that is taxed, not REVENUE.

Tea partiers confuse the issue, they don’t realize that a) they’re fueled by people who could afford to pay FAR more in taxes, but who can afford to spend money to keep their tax burdens as low as possible, nor b) the reason that we have a progressive tax is to even out the burden so that a as percentage of the money you make, theoretically overall we should all pay an equal tax rate on our disposable income. But it’s not like that. For the most part, the rich pay far less as a percentage of their overall income than do the poor. But Conservative talking heads like to confuse this point as well. They’ll tell you that something like 90% of all Federal taxes were paid by 5% of taxpayers. What they don’t mention is that a) as mentioned before, Federal taxes are a small part of the big picture, and b) that 5% makes well more than 90% of all income.

Then the other big scam is that people who make a LOT of money generally don’t make it via a salary like your regular Joe. Most people who make a LOT of money make it by investing. This means that their income is not “earned income” and as such subject to a maximum 36 or 38% tax (and remember, we’ve had marginal tax rates as high as 95% in our country and that didn’t keep people from getting rich), it is subject to a maximum of 15% “capital gains” tax, and that’s just the tax you pay when you cash it in, if you roll it over into an investment, no tax until you’re claimed the income. So, you can make money hand over fist for 50 years, building wealth on top of wealth without ever having to pay the taxes on it until it’s cashed in. And of course this allows the wealthy to play around with what to do from year to year (unlike most people who have to spend all their money).

So, the system is rigged, and tea partiers are only serving to make sure that it STAYS rigged in favor of the haves. The problem then is that in order to keep cutting taxes for the rich (even if we DO also cut Federal taxes for the poor as well, because Federal taxes aren’t what eat up much of a poor person’s salary, it’s meaningless), we have to keep cutting the size of government via social welfare programs. Our Constitution states that the government exists to provide for the “general welfare” of its people. But the wealthy use the idea that welfare is a handout to lazy people to incite this anger. It’s another big lie that most people who receive some form of assistance really don’t need it and would be able to get by if they were just willing to work. The Conservative movement aims to demonize the victim, and therefore they bear a double whammy in the form of higher taxes and lower benefits.

In my world view, it’s not the size of government that’s important…we have a huge country with a huge population, we friggin’ should have a huge government to serve the people…it is after all a government OF, BY and FOR the people. But the ideals espoused by people like Beck, the right wing in general and especially the Tea Partiers serve big business and the wealthy, it’s a Robin Hood in reverse philosophy, and to reinforce what they want people to think with hot button fear tactic words like “Socialism”. I believe we should tear the whole damn tax system out, revoke the right of anyone BUT the Federal government to collect taxes, and have the tax amount collected be distributed to local governments. And what the amount of taxes we need to collect would not be based on what we’ve done before less a certain percentage….we would look at what are the needs of the people, the ones administered by the Federal government and by smaller government authorities…how much do we NEED to keep our roads in tact, our schools strong, our streets safe, our people out of poverty and employed. Then we’d look at what does it cost to live safely and in good health, meeting the basic needs and providing a person with some human dignity, and we should say, THAT is the minimum standard we should live with in the richest country in the world. Now what is the total amount of money we need to meet the needs of the population, and if we allow an exemption for the first $x of income (x being the minimum standard of living (which would also be tied to minimum wage based on 40 hours a week under the theory that if you’re willing and able to work full time, you should be able to make a living). We’d look at all the money made in this country, minus that exemption for each and every person, divide the amount we need into the amount we have to tax (that would be disposable income), and whatever that percentage might be…whether it be 10% or 40%, then THAT’S what we should do. THAT would be fair.

But what we have now is a system that is unfair to the poor and preferential to the rich, and people like Beck co-opt a historical term like tea party, which actually meant something the first time around, and use it for propaganda to try to rig the system even more in their favor.

That is vile. And I’ve seen enough from Beck to know that sure, he’s not always wrong, very few people are, sure he has good ideas from time to time, everyone ever born has had a good idea from time to time, but what he stands for in terms of Federal policy is antithetical to my core beliefs, and as such, I don’t write him off just because I saw him once in passing, I ignore him because if it weren’t him, it would be some other blowhard talking head whipping up the ill informed masses with misinformation.

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What the…..? Why?

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I’ll make this short. NO, the tea party protesters aren’t protesting for no taxes at all, if you’d have done more research or even gone to one of their rallies, you’d know that they stand for lower taxes. And by the way, the tea party group isn’t ‘fueled’ by millionaires that can afford high taxes, this isn’t some conspiracy club. They are driven by the American people, people that are fed up with out of control spending and ridiculous taxes. Sure, they get some mention from Glenn Beck, but who else?

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@south70 – then you have had the wool pulled over your eyes. Conservatives ALWAYS stand for lower taxes. Which means cuts which trickle down to every level. The “no taxes” comment is just your last step…the goal of the wealthy who create things like “taxpayer leagues” is simply to reduce their taxes as much as possible. If they could get to zero, don’t fool yourself for one moment into thinking they wouldn’t take it. There are guys out there like Grover Norquist who want to make government so small he could drown it in a bathtub. Really, a lot of wealthy would love nothing more than to privatize EVERYTHING, all schools, all roads, all medicine, all charity…it would all be privately funded to the extent that supply and demand dictated. They say that government bureaucracy makes everything less efficient and the market makes everything more competitive. But they ignore that the market also reinforces greed, and this is why we have 50 million people who can’t afford health insurance while health insurers make record profits year after year. I believe everything that serves the public interest should be publicly financed and our focus should not be to move everything to the more efficient private sector, but to make government more accountable and more efficient.

The problem as I see it is this. I don’t want my taxes or anyone’s taxes to be unnecessarily high, but you get what you pay for. I don’t want my tax dollars to be squandered. But the founders and funders of these Tea Party movements are wealthy businessmen who have created this fake grass roots movement, giving a voice to people who in general feel that raising taxes in an economic crisis is not a good thing. My point is that a REAL solution would be to make taxes more fair, which would mean lowering taxes on people who can’t afford to pay them and raising them on people who could, and by getting the money from where it is abundant, and where it is only fair to take it to make everyone share the burden equally in relation to the success they can attribute to their ability to live in a Capitalist economic system. I say yes, let’s not waste money, let’s not spend money recklessly, let’s not pay more taxes than we have to. But what’s being protested is taxes in general.

Right now, we are not bringing in enough tax revenue…if we were, we wouldn’t have to borrow so much money from China. Having our nation’s wealth hawked to a Communist country is in my opinion a far greater risk to our future security than is raising taxes on those who can afford to pay them. What Tea Partiers don’t get is that on the DAY Obama took office, he lowered taxes for 98.6% of all Americans. He has proposed relatively modest increases on about 1% of our population, 1% who are now enjoying a very low overall tax rate compared to everyone else, 1% whose lives would not change one iota even if their taxes were jacked through the roof (and all Obama proposed was 2% increase on the highest margins of income).

Consider that the first “Tea Bag Protest” was created to coincide with the day after Obama’s inauguration…the ENTIRE tea party movement was manufactured by wealthy individuals who don’t want to pay a little bit more in tax, so the lives of millions could be improved….it is selfish, twisted and greedy. And these protest accuse Obama of being a Socialist, which the unwashed masses equate with “Communist”, a lie reinforced by all of these claims about how Obamanomics are going to take away your “freedom”.

You may have joined the Tea Party “Movement” because you don’t think taxes should be raised, but you’ve been fooled….what you’re really accomplishing is to make it harder from a PR standpoint for Obama to raise taxes where it is appropriate to do so. Since Reagan took office, the overall tax burden has been shifted steadily from those who could most afford to pay it to those who can least afford to pay it, the whole of economics has been turned on it’s head where instead of building prosperity from the bottom up by empowering all of humanity and letting the cream rise to the top, we’ve empowered the rich and powerful in the mistaken belief that they will allow the scraps to sustain the people on the bottom of the economic ladder. And it failed, that was the lesson of the 2008 election….trickle down economics doesn’t work, because if you give more money to people who already have it, you give them more power, more power to consolidate more wealth in their own hands. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the unwashed masses are tricked into thinking taxes are the enemy, not waste, not misplaced priorities.

Wanna know who else promotes the Tea Party financially? How about Dick Armey, one of the chief architects of the neocon movement that caused our financial problems. How about David Koch, head of the Koch company (one of the largest private companies in the world with 100 billion in revenues from oil refining, stock market speculation…basically all the areas where money is made). Do you realize that over ⅔ of all the money spent by the Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) PAC was directed to a GOP political consulting firm (Russo, Marsh, and Associates)? What does THAT tell YOU? Because it tells me that the Tea Party movement was a PR creation, and you don’t need to actually attend one of their inane protests to know that the language they’re using is out of the Fear Tactics 101 handbook.

So, @south70, at this point, I’d highly suggest you switch your tactic of accusing me of being ill informed, because as anyone on here who’s known me for any length of time knows, I’m anything but. I do my homework. I don’t jump to conclusions. But I know if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. And this Tea Party BS looks and smells like a manufactured PR stunt designed to keep taxes low for the wealthiest Americans…they created it, they support it, they fund it and they use fear tactics and misdirected and ill informed anti-tax sentiment to confuse the issues rather than delve into them and create an honest assessment of what’s really happening vs what they think they’re fighting.

I know you won’t believe me, you’ve been fooled. But rather than tell me what rallies I should attend and what TV shows I should watch, maybe give me some facts, prove to me if and where I’m wrong and maybe I’ll deem this worth discussing further.

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@dalepetrie well said…if you listen to their (“teabaggers) comments, they are way out in “right field” and their rhetoric is simply a duplication of their leader, “the (Pills)bury Dough Boy!”

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@dalepetrie has done his fact checking, I see!

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@laureth – always do. I see no point in discussing something I know nothing about.

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Believe whatever you want to believe. Atleast you have a reason for disliking Glenn Beck unlike so many other people. Whether your reason is true or false.

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I love people’s “conversion stories” of how they came to give Glenn Beck a chance and thus find their independence.

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Glenn Beck is nothing more than clown shoes.

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I prefer Jeff Beck to Glenn Beck any day of the week. Even if he is outdated.

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@south70 – Dale can comfortably and easily believe it, because his reasons are true. If Glenn Beck checked his facts as often and as completely as Dale does, there might be a lot fewer people who dislike him. However, don’t expect us to hold our breath waiting for Glenn Beck to speak the truth. He just doesn’t have it in him.

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Anyone see Glenn’s latest tirade. Basically he said that if your church’s website says anything about “social justice” or “economic justice” that you should run far away, because get this those are code words for Communism and Nazism.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Christianity based on the life and actions of Christ, a man who worked tirelessly to bring social and economic justice to the downtrodden?

Perfect example of why I don’t like him. I personally don’t follow any religion, but I believe strongly in justice of all kinds, including social and economic. This is where I am at odds with much of what passes for the Conservative movement these days. Whereas Liberals like myself would like to make the world a more economically just place, Conservatives like Beck want to stack the deck even more in favor of the wealthy and powerful than it already is (something they’ve been building on steadily since the days of Nixon). This to me is proof positive that Beck and his ilk don’t even see the poor as worth anything. It’s one thing to have a genuine disagreement about what is best overall for the people economically, it’s one thing to believe that if you give tax breaks and incentives to the investor class, they will stimulate the economy by investment activity, instead of believing as I do that economic stimulus should be almost entirely targeted to the have nots, because they will SPEND every penny they get, and THAT will stimulate the economy far more than giving money to people who don’t need it so they can choose to spend it, invest it, save it or waste it. It’s OK by me if you genuinely believe the Conservative idea of trickle down economics (even though you’ve now been proven wrong in my not so humble opinion), but it’s quite another to take EVERY opportunity you can to demonize the people who disagree with you, which is EXACTLY what Beck does and has always done. Basically, in Beck’s view, if you believe that it is moral to try to provide equal economic opportunity for all, then you are a Communist and or a Nazi.

Basically, I feel sorry for you people who’ve said you “changed the way you think” because of this fucktard. He’s a clown, a performer, a rabble rouser who doesn’t give a flat fuck about you or anyone like you if you’re not wealthy and/or powerful, and he will say or do anything to forward his evil, selfish agenda to destroy any chance we have of making our nation more equal and just for all of it’s citizens, not just the paranoid blowhards like Beck.

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