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My three dogs dont get along?

Asked by dogs (6points) March 5th, 2010

we have a 5 year old, spayed female german shepherd (Lilly). we recently got two puppies. a male nuetered (Oswald) and a female spayed .(Rosie) we got the puppies when they were 10 weeks they are now 6 months.when one puppy is with the 5 year old they are fine but when the puppies are together with the old one they attack her.they try flipping her over and biting her. when one puppy rests the other atacks so the older one never gets a break. the older one tries snapping and growling but the puppies are relentless!

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Are the puppies crate trained at all? What do you do when this is happening? Is it aggressive or is it more boisterous play from the pups? Does Lilly ever play with them? Your older GSD is not so old that she doesn’t have the strength to put the pups in their place if they really get too much for her (I would be more worried if Lilly was an OAP!!). The most important thing here is that you should be able to stop the puppies behaviour as the pack leader. Lilly will deal with them if she needs to but this sounds like any older dog putting up with youngsters.

If you have crates for them I would recommend making sure that every so often you put the pups in them to give Lilly a rest and to give the pups some “time out”. They obviously need to calm down a bit and, if used in the right way, crates are good for this.

If you really think they are getting too much for Lilly then you need to train them so that as soon as you call them they come to you. When you see them bothering Lilly, divert their attention. If they respond well too toys, use them as a reward whenever the dogs come to you after being called. The will soon associate coming when called with reward.

If this doesn’t work, as soon as the pups start bothering Lilly, physically go and get them (put them on a lead or hold by the collar) and remove them from the situation. If you can put them in seperate rooms away from you and Lilly (and each other) this will be most effective as dogs do not like being shunned from their pack. If you do this EVERY time they are bothering Lilly then they will start to realise that when they are too over the top with the older dog they are become outcasts.

I would also recommend taking them to training classes. This will teach them manners and social skills with other dogs and people.

One final thing, be very careful not to discourage genuine play. Like humans, dogs need fun and younger dogs learn a lot from older ones.

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Neither do my friend’s three kids. Deal.

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