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Besides Fluther, what are some websites that you frequent everyday? (not so much for social, but rather for usefulness i.e. weather, traffic)

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) March 6th, 2010

I check my job to see if there are any new better positions. I check the weather for sure. I check google news. How about you?

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Google Yelp Shelfari Flickr Netflix Livemocha Various banks more google Digg TED various news sites.

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Yahoo! Home is good for me for everything that I need besides Social interaction.

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I use the weather app on my iPhone for weather, but sometimes I use I use the Yelp app as well, but I use the website too. Google Maps and Wikipedia are probably the non-social websites I use the most.

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@phoebusg academic earth looks nice, thanks.

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Intellicast is what I check for whether, I also frequent, gamespot, AOL (for news and the hillarious comments), IMBD, and VSDWeb (until it became defunct).

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The Breast Cancer Site gives money to breast cancer screens every time you click. There are 6 sites here, all giving money for good causes, just by visiting.

The Last Kiss is a 3 a week comic.

Free Rice Answer geography, math, or english questions, and they feed the poor.

Texts from last night a collection of embarassing text messages people send.

The Daily Bunny Every day, a different picture of a bunny.

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None that I really use every day. I still check in on Answerbag occasionally (they’ve actually made a lot of progress in making the site usable again after the upgrade disaster a few months ago—but all their “power users” have left in the meantime and it just doesn’t get the traffic it used to). Sometimes I use Blur-Tit or Soda Head but not very often.

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I use Google constantly for research of all kinds.
I refer frequently to for a variety of purposes.
And I often visit for many things besides just ordering books and other items.
I use and for quick lookups that don’t require resorting to one or more huge, comprehensive print references.
Several times a week something sends me to Netflix or IMDb.
Finally, I check in fairly often with my bank page, especially the account I replenish for my son and he draws from.

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Nothing terribly useful. I have Facebook for the games, as well as MechQuest.

Then there are the “Cheezburger” sites like FailBlog, Friends of Irony, and Hacked IRL.

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I do youtube and play Johnny Cash songs 1st thing every morning.

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Every day starts with http://news.Google News then the local ABC Affiliate’s Site for local news and weather, Yahoo’s News Page to see if I missed anything and a Forum for Yahoo Store owners and developers.

After that, I check email. I get newsletters daily from The Washington Post, EIN News and New York Daily News. Can’t give you URLs on them because they have embedded IDs for subscribers, but if there is anything interesting, I will click to the story.

After the day’s work, which is usually done in the Yahoo Store Editor, I come here, check Answerbag to see if any of my old questions there have new answers or comments, and drop by Sodahead so I am at it from morning to evening most days.

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my schools timetable site.

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USA Today
Local Newspaper
Online state code

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iGoogle, various web comics, free app a day, lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku. When I check Fluther I also check imfdb and Facebook.

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BBC News, the Met office for weather and my local papers website

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Facebook, Swaptree (which is a site for trading books, CDs, DVDs, and video games with other users), and a message board for people who have a family member (or members) with borderline personality disorder.

Sometimes I also check out or local news sites.

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Google News, Reader, Calendar, GMail, Remember the Milk, Cyanide and Happiness, Weather Underground, Digg.

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Plurk, which is my preferred alternative to Twitter.
A gaming/general interest forum that I’ve been an active member of for 2 years
BBC News & weather

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Google News,,, (I’m trying to read every book and watch every film in the top lists),, YouTube

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I’m finding that I’m hanging out on YouTube a lot these days…

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