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Im curious why I can't always have clear skin?I always have to have some pimple on my face.

Asked by pearlsbabiiee (21points) March 7th, 2010

I don’t have alot of pimples;its just that I wish i didn’t even have one pimple;It’s like if one pimple goes away another has to come and I want to know how to have none.

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I had kinda bad pimples and I tried every expensive thing I could find. In the end I had the best luck with a hot wet washcloth a few times everyday. Just plain water. I’m male so I didn’t have to deal with make-up. But it cleared me up faster than 10$ bottles of Nuetrogina (sp?)crap.

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The only real solution is to wait a few years until your skin and hormones settle down. Consider yourself lucky that you only have one at a time.

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Thats just how it is ;D Don’t worry about it thats just life…i’v had pimples since I started in my teens ;D

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@johnpowell Care to elaborate a bit?

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Its called sods law…. & it’ll hit you in all aspects of your life at one time or another.

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I have the same problem.And I’m past the teenage years, so I can’t promise you that the acne will calm down with time. I can share what has worked for me:

1. The Proactiv skin care system was my HG acne treatment. But it was so expensive that I had to stop using it.

2. If you can’t afford Proactiv, Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. It contains benzoyl peroxide, which kills the bacteria that can contribute to acne. I will warn you, the benzoyl peroxide will bleach your clothes, so if you use this cleanser, do not wash your washclothes with the rest of your clothes.

3. If you are female, then give your face a break from makeup for at least one day a week. Wearing makeup all the time will clog your pores and exacerbate existing acne.

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