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I am on a diet and have lost some weight already. Why do I feel so tired?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13951points) March 7th, 2010

I have been on a diet for the past month. I’ve lost about 2–3 pounds already. How come I’ve been feeling so tired? Is it because of the lost of weight, a nutritional deficiency, etc.? I am eating sensibly and taking my vitamins. Is this feeling of tiredness normal with the accompanying loss of weight? What can I do to offset my tiredness?

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There is no reason you should feel tired because of the weight loss – but you may absolutely be nutrient deficiency is your diet is missing key nutrients. You should figure out what’s missing, if you can – maybe, see a nutritionist.


@Simone_De_Beauvoir Hmmm, I think I will, or my doctor at least. It’s strange, but I’ve been on diets to lose weight before, and everytime I encounter the same problem. I am exercising at the same time, with weights and swimming. Maybe I’m overdoing it. Thanks Simone!

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@MRSHINYSHOES There may be an underlying cause – what kind of a diet is it?

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Are you drinking enough water? Water is hugely important to overall well being and most people do not drink enough water.


@Simone De Beauvoir——Just a normal diet with the four food groups. The only thing that’s different is that I’m cutting back on my calories by eating less, and going to bed a bit hungry. I am guessing that the loss of calories, coupled with my exercise, is making me tired. :(


@SeventhSense, yes I am drinking a lot of water and other fluids.

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You may just need some getting adjusted to the new pattern. Every time I restrict some calories, I get a little cranky and my body’s first reaction is to slow down and preserve some fat. If i am persistent I get a second wind and start burning some of those “reserves”.

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I don’t think you should allow yourself to go hungry. Eat a lot of high fiber foods if you’re not already.. they keep you fuller for longer periods of time. I usually carry baggies of fruit or baby carrots to snack on throughout the day. A hard boiled egg will do it too. If you eat every couple hours you shouldn’t be feeling hungry and perhaps it will help with your exhaustion as well.

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If you’ve only lost 2 or 3 pounds, this is unusual. It might be normal if you lost 10 in a month.
Go to the doctor.

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Do you eat a lot of red meats?you could be anemic


@Eap6389 I don’t eat a lot of red meat. For protein, I drink whey protein drinks. I take a multi-vitamin with minerals, but without iron.

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