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Any suggestions on an Eagle Project?

Asked by CsC (138points) March 7th, 2010

So I’m getting pressured to do my eagle project by my parents, and i was just wondering if anyone had cool ideas on one?

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Help convince 50 Boy Scout local groups to support gay marriage and thus help fight the good fight for the ideals of civil liberties and equality that America was founded on.

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It’s almost spring. You can plow and cultivate a garden area for a senior housing complex or nursing home.

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Two that I know of have impressed me – refurbishing the benches at the local Little League Ball Park, and building a Kiosk at the entrance to a popular tourist destination.

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thanks guys, thats a start at least, i like the refurbishing the benches idea

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Grow wings and soar.

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You could ask for old busted bikes and fix them up for people that need bikes. I do something similar with my free time.

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A friend of mine built an outdoor theater for his Eagle project. You could build one for a local school that doesn’t have a lot of money. It would give students a nice outdoor space to learn.

What do you like to do? What kind of things do you want to help support? This is a huge opportunity for you to shape the world as you think it should be. If you want to help stop hunger- you can. If there’s something you have always wondered why no one helped to change it- this is your chance. You have a lot of control and power here- might as well use it to further a cause you believe in.

Think about what you want to change about the world and I bet you’ll find your inspiration for the perfect Eagle project.

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I built and installed a bunch or blue bird boxes for a local wildlife area. doing something that a community will benefit from is always a good idea. My brother organized a group of volunteers to help with disaster training drills the county was putting together, along with building picnic tables and an outdoor storage container for a local elementary school. has more projects. I hope this is a help and good luck.

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hey thanks again everybody, i got some awesome ideas, and i will hopefully be able to do one of them, you are all amazing

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