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have you ever hooked up with someone off the Internet?

Asked by eyeofnyc (270points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

success or failure? Triumphs? Tragedies? Any advice or suggestions?

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I highly advise against it. There is too much to conceal

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yes, i was 14 found her on buddypic (WAY OLD LOL) and went on 2 dates, started to go out, everything was great. So we were dating for 1 year and 3 months then she broke my heart, havent seen her since… lol

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Three times. Two in the modern, conventional, Craigslist sense and they were just okay.

The first, though, was in 1994! The (public) internet had barely been invented, and while I was in college some chick randomly got my e-mail address and started writing me about my school. I thought she was some enterprising young HS student who was scoping out colleges, but she turned out to be a college student as well. We struck up a three or four month correspondence (telnet anyone?) during the school year, and I made the booty trek up to Colorado that summer. It, too, was just okay.

I’m guessing you’re a guy. If you want to do it, post exactly what you want and make it sound interesting and exciting. Don’t expect too much in the way of some hottie knocking down your door.

If you’re responding to ads, expect a lot of spam posts that are for paid chat or whatever. Again, make your response interesting and exciting, and be patient. Also, be flexible with where and when you first meet, etc, which should be someplace public.

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I met my soul mate on the internet, me and my girl talked for about a month then met up, its the best thing I ever did, I strongly Advise it

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I had to call the cops on a girl I met online. She got too attached and stalkerish before we even met in person. That’s just my input.

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you have to know what you are doing is my opinion. i am a girl and i have met guys off craigslist for coffee. but i am really good at chatting and knowing what people are like before i meet them. most guys just want a girl to do it with so they are not as fussy. since i am a girl i have to be more aware.

and MOST guy ads do not get that many replies off craigs. the girl ads get a lot more. mostly as girls tend to be more skittish of meeting stranger guys. however it takes a lot of work to find a quality one. i ALWAYS chat on msn chat with them first to get a feel for them and ask them questions etc. and you should chat on the phone too. remember a lot of people post OLD pics of themselves or fake pics. some people use the net as just a playground. so if bad stuff happens dont think you are the first.

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yes. I had 4 girlfriends from th internet

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at the same time?

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I met a guy on yahoo messenger and dated him for 2 months. We jumped in a hasty relationship whereas if I would have really known the kind of person he was, I wouldnt have dated him

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My success rate has been the same on and off the Internet. Psycho both on and off. ;)

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i stalked and harassed my girlfriend on myspace for months before she would meet me. ive been with her almost two years.

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Does buying a Russian bride online count?

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Im offended by the question Whyte0ut. Yes of course Russian brides count.

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i had the worst date of my life from some internet guy. never saw him again.
i tried again, BEST date. weve seen eachother a few times.. although, id never tell anybody where i met him.

its hard to trust someone online, but if theyre really being honest than its a good way to weed out the ones u know u wont like.

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I met my gf from the random friend search on myspace and we have been Dating foe over two years it has been amazing!

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I met my SO online. We have been together for 6 years, and it is working out just fine. I have also met some of the women I talk to on a message board. One turned out to be alot of fun, and a good friend. The other was a complete psycho from hell. I have been lucky so far that I haven’t been injured or stalked. I think it can work as long as you use precautions, and don’t think you “know” somebody just because you have talked to them online. Watch the movie Hard Candy. That is a perfect example of online dating gorne wrong… really wrong!!

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