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What are your thoughts of online dating sites?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) March 9th, 2009

One of my friends recently came forward and said he met his now girlfriend off of an online dating site. He was afraid to tell us because he was worried that we may poke fun at him. (Which we did… for about ten minutes and then let it go.) What is your opinion on online dating? Would you? Have you? Stories?

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From what it seems to me you have to pay like $50 a month or some shit to possibly meet someone. Too much money for a low yield possibility to me…

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I have a couple of friends who used online dating services and they said they had decent results for casual dating but no long term relationships came from them. I’ve also heard a story or two about forgettable experiences because people weren’t compatible and seeing them in real life was much different than what they perceived them to be online.

I’ve never engaged in online dating myself. If I was single, I don’t honestly know if this is something I would attempt because the results of online dating appear to me to have the potential to produce more uncertain results than meeting people face to face right from the start. Neither method is foolproof, though, and people just have to find something that works for them and produces the best results after trial and error.

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All I know is that facebook must think I’m lonely, because the ads on the side of my profile are for online dating services about 85% of the time. Le sigh.

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Me too! I see that “Over 40’s singles” and I just cringe!!!

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My online story involves one very, very large…blodricus-maximus, but I do not kiss and tell ;)

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I know several people who met their spouses through e-harmony and are quite happily married. My nephew is interested in getting married, and has been surprised at how well eharmony does in matching people up in terms of interests and values. A friend is recently widowed and has been dating through It’s much more casual than eharmony, and a lot more work, because you’re working off of posted profiles.

I think they can be a great way to meet people.

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@TitsMcGhee, I’ll trade you. My FB ads are mostly for colon cleansing products. FB must think I’m full of shit?

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I have no personal experience with them, but our good friend met her fiancĂ© on She loved it. He’s a wonderful guy and they’re to be married this April (after dating for a year and a half).

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I have never had real experience with it and really only know one person that has had success. A friend of mine found his fiancé on Jdate, and dated for 2 years but I know really only decided to get married because it was the longest relationship he had ever had and thought it was the right thing to do. I guess that is a whole other discussion, but I guess it worked out.

I don’t know you either have to be really true to it but then you never know if the other person is really committed to being in a relationship or just “messing” around.

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You SO have to be aware of the Nigerian scammers who post fake pictures of a model, with a fake name, and ultimately try to scam money from you. The Nigerian scams are all over the television. One woman recently was scammed out of her money. The scammer posted pics he STOLE from another user (a professional actor/model), told the woman he loved her, explained he was in Nigeria because he worked as a lumber importer/exporter, sent her checks to deposit in her bank account, and asked her to send the cash back to him. Of course, the checks were phony.

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I met an ex on a dating site. It was a fun relationship while it lasted. I know way too many people that are happily married, who met on or eharmony. They’re all married with children already, and they’re not ashamed to tell people how they met.

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I would, I haven’t really but I am generally all for it. I think it’s a great idea as long as you can find someone in your area. And yes, I’d poke fun at my friends for about 10 mins too if they did it, but at the same time I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a relationship.

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I’ve used eharmony to some success and match to very little success. There’s a lot of rules associated with eharmony, like when you can actually email freely with a person and see their picture and such. Match is pretty much like a pick up bar. On eharmony, I got a lot guys who were really sweet and earnest, but usually just not someone I could see myself with after a few dates. Match was much more like “yo baby im gonna b at ____ bar 2nite u shud cum bye.” Yeeeeaaahhhh.

But, I also have 2 sets of married friends who met on eharmony, and some of my best friends are people I met through my eharmony dates. Social networking can be fun.

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They’re okay. I know people who have met through there, though I myself, would probably never subscribe to one of those sites.
However, I did meet my current SO online, but NOT through a dating site. Go figure.

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