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Which is your preferred online dating site, and why?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) December 7th, 2006
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Friendster. It worked for me.
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i think it depends on where you are... and what the demographics are.. and what you're looking for.
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in major cities you'll have quite a lot of selection.... with almost any site. not so for smaller geographic areas...
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with the pay sites, you also can sometimes post a profile for free and hide your contact information in the site so it doesn't get censored and you don't have to pay... don't ask me how I know.
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I agree with benjiwitz that there is a large selection, and a good choice depends on where you live, demographics, and what/whom you're seeking. Some of the sites, such as eHarmony, are quite structured, directing you to take a test, allowing them to decide what age range and personality type would be appropriate for you, and guiding you through a fairly long process prior to meeting the person. Some people like this screening and directive approach; others go nuts! Most of the others are much less structured, allow you to decide on age range and other personal preferences, and to proceed or not at your own has a particularly good (& brief) personality quiz, which they use to guide your selection. I don't know if they have many members or not, so you would have to give it a try. With any site, be sure to thoroughly check out their refund policy! Some of the upfront promises in this regard can be quite misleading. Read the fine print!
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Okcupid is a fun site because they have fun tests and questions. It's also free.
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the! i met my current boyfriend of 2 years on it
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because it's free, most of the people are younger, and have a sense of humor about online dating
occ's avatar personals are also the same as the's a good site if you're looking for someone progressive because you automatically know that they like to read something like The Onion or Salon
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I second that...and I think my boyfriend was actually on and i was on and it was linked together
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craigslist. cause all the pervs are there.

wow they used to have the WORLDS greatest chat room and the funniest people on earth… i cried when they closed it

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