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Blood after a bowel movement?

Asked by Phobia (1470points) March 9th, 2010

I am constipated and after the last bowel movement, there was bright red blood on the tissue after wiping. There wasn’t any pain, so I don’t believe it’s a hemorrhoid. Could the constipation have just caused a cut or is this something I should be more concerned about?

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Perhaps it was just on the rougher side, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Also, Eww.

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Hemorrhoids aren’t necessarily painful

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Bright red blood indicates that it was probably an external problem, like a hemorrhoid or anal fissure. I wouldn’t say write it off completely, but usually you don’t need to worry too much unless the blood is dark red, because that indicates that it came from… higher up in the digestive tract. Which is bad.

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Sometimes when you’re constipated, the poop gets hard because the more time it spends in your intestines, the more water gets extracted. It could very well be that the hardness of it scratched you as it came out, causing the bleeding (I’ve had this happen before). I would keep an eye on it and see if it happens again, which could indicate a fissure. It may be only a temporary thing caused by a scratch, as I said. For me, it happens on occasion and always has resolved itself by the next time.

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I am not sure if your age is a factor in this matter. I know my father goes for colonoscopies and stuff but he’s getting older. I am assuming that is because at a certain age you become at risk for colon problems. What are docs looking for with that colonoscopy stuff anyway? Why don’t they ever do them on young people? Your eyeball looks young. When you get old doctors will become strangely obsessed with your butt hole. Between colonoscopies and the prostate exams (if you are a male eyeball), you will think all doctors are anally fixated.

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@Rarebear I know, but I’ve had them before and I know what to look for, but that doesn’t seem to be the case unless it could be higher than I thought.

@Mariah Thanks, because I was worried if it could have come from something higher up which I know could be a serious problem.

@MissAnthrope The stool was hard since I haven’t had a bowel movement in a few days. It didn’t bleed anymore after cleaning up, so I hope that’s all it is.

@escapedone7 I’m 22 and male, and I’m really not looking forward to the constant worry of prostate and colon exams :(

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“There wasn’t any pain, so I don’t believe it’s a hemorrhoid.”

So. Hemorrhoids sometimes are not painful. Sounds like a hemorrhoid.
But ya need to get your anus probed just to be sure.

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I could be a broken vessel since it was bright red. If it happens again mention it to your doctor.

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Anything from severe dehydration to bowel cancer.

Go to a doctor now.

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The chance that it’s a cancer is one in a million. It’s probably a burst hemorrhoid. If it keeps up, go get it checked out.

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I think if it would make you feel better, talk with your doctor and tell him/her just what you told us.

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I had a problem with hyperelastic polyps. They would get dragged along with the feces and then would bleed out. They got removed with my next colonoscopy. They are usually benign.

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Hyperplastic polyps are always benign.

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@ChazMaz God-damn thats wrong!

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Have you been eating Chipotle again?

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