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Anyone have some creative $ making small biz. ideas to share with a 10k cap on start-up?

Asked by Coloma (47055points) March 10th, 2010

Seeking creative cash flow ideas to supplement my life situation as well as complement my creative side.

I REFUSE to re-commit to the rat race!

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If I did, what percentage would I get if you decided to go with my idea?

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what skills do you have?

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rich dad isn’t real, he’s a literary device

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Hah! Well like any hot tips…maybe a finders fee…lol

I am already self-employed in partnership with a good friends interior design biz. Work is picking up again, but….need to fill in the gaps.

I live on property in a rural tourist community and commute to the city for the bulk of my design assistance. Skills include very strong people/social skills, and I am toying with maybe starting a seasonal summer ice cream tricycle to peddle confections along the river. haha

I’d really prefer an investment opportunity, and might be co-opping on some real estate, but…right NOW…I need ideas for capitalizing in my community. Thought about selling river hats for the rafting crowd. Ice cream is scarce in the zone, snow cones? Maybe nature tours for kids as I am strong in horticulture, birding and native wildlife. ??????

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Find someone you know who has “mad programming skillz” and encourage them to make a mobile application for iPhone or Droid or something else popular. Someone made a game sold for $2.99 on the App Store which I never knew existed and probably didn’t appeal to many people, but still yielded a $250,000 income. Some of the more serious and popular applications probably make over a million dollars in this case.

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Detroit real estate is going for a dollar a pop.

No, really.

(The taxes might kill you, though.)

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“consulting advice for new buisness” people find new ideas for buisness…like what your question asked for… lot of demand in this area…you be the supply… high margins low costs for ideas..

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if you live in tourist area, the ice cream tricycle is an inexpensive way to soothe some hapy rafters, maybe a snack shack?? how to make it portable??? You r on the right track.

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What about beading thingies? You can make many cute beaded goodies (jewellery, keyrings, bookmarks, cards) and it’s so much fun. And once you know how to do some stuff, you can give beading lessons from home too.
Orrrr, you can offer to scrapbook people’s photos for them?
You can make cards to sell – for b’days, christmas and other occasions.

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If you have a creative side, do you also have an artistic side? You seem to have the cash to invest in supplies, can you make soemthing and sell it on Etsy?
Where does your creative side take you? What are you passionate about? What would you do even if you didn’t get paid? Start there and we can help you brainstorm business ideas.

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I was thinking about your question today. You have about enough money to buy the equipment and liability insurance to start a landscape business if you know anything about lawn and yard care.

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