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Assuming that Jesus Christ really was resurrected after he died on the cross, where'd he go?

Asked by ArthurPeterson (139points) March 13th, 2010

Ok, so I am not religious and honestly I lean heavily toward what I guess you would refer to as agnostic- like I’d probably say I lean toward the atheist side of the coin, but mostly I just feel it’s beyond our ability to say anything with certainty.

I am just curious whether, according to christianity, Jesus died and then came back only to later [a] die again (and if so when and how?) or [b] if he came back and then just sort of disappeared after while (in which case, approximately when and are there any theories/rumors or indication as to why he left or where he went. I’ve heard a lot about the resurrection and some about when He might return. But I’ve never heard anything about what happened in between. Ok, this is my first question, so thanks in advance to all who weigh in. Cheers.

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I’ve also heard it was Hell. When Jesus dies on the cross, he says something like, “My father, why have you abandoned me?” If heaven is being in the presence of God, then hell is being away from his presence. So when God abandons Jesus, Jesus is in hell for those three days.

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ok, that’s a good start. I did not know he went to hell after he died on the cross… but my point is he died on the cross, went to hell, and came back… what then?

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He went to Heaven’s Home Depot to get some building supplies, then when He’s done with the project, He’s going to stop by to bring us for a looksie.

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It varies, according to what the person speaking believes, but the general concensus is that he returned to heaven to be with his Father. Maybe the Southern Baptist religion is different, because I’ve never heard that he died twice.

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I was wondering how I could have missed such a story after all these years!

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Maybe he just walked around and took off…But I heard that It was his twin brother who reveiled himself to his followers

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Hmmm the zombies in “I Am Legend” seemed to hang out in dark places and roam the streets in the night. Maybe Jesus is still around somewhere looking for brains to eat.

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@davidbetterman wasn’t he supposed to be resser-erected in “South Park”

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Wal mart,they do a nice pair of sandals.

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They way I was taught it, he did not die twice; he died once (on the cross), went to hell for a bit, then came back to Earth to appear for some folks, and then went, or was taken, to Heaven, on a cloud or something (without dying again), in the presence of some of the disciples. I am hazy on this but it’s in several of the Gospels and in the Apostles’, if you want to check the story.

Supposedly he now sits there with God, and when the world ends, he will return to Earth and there will be judgment and stuff.

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“Jesus, you’ve performed miracles, turned bread into wine, saved people from certain doom, and even been resurrected. What are you going to do now?”

[Jesus here]: I’m going to Disneyland!

Anyway, if I was Jesus, this is where I would have elected to go.

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He ascended heaven to be at the right hand of his father. Catholics have a whole holy day dedicated to the ascension, I think.. Now, Mary, His mother was assumed into heaven. I don’t know what the diff is but one ascended and the other was assumed. I guess JC went on his own power and Mary was sucked up.

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I have imagined a science fiction religious satire where people from Earth visit a planet and all the residents start celebrating. Confused by all this, the Earthlings get a clue as to what is going on when one of the aliens gives them a crucifix with Jesus on it. Later they find out that Jesus visited other planets with intelligent life forms in order to spread the word.

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If Jesus ascended to heaven, you could, if you knew his trajectory and velocity, calculate his current orbit and locate him using a radio telescope.

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Through an artificial quantum singularity, into fluidic space, where he got destroyed by species 8472.

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For years as a child growing up I thought he lived with my family, my Mother would often exclaim, “JESUS CHRIST“!!!!! But every time I looked behind me he wasn’t there?? :-/

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As I recall, after rising from the dead, Jesus spent 40 days ministering to his disciples. He then went to Betheny with them, where he ascended into Heaven. He did not die a second time. He simply left.

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The Gospels indicate he traveled about finishing up training his Disciples, Then went to heaven. The way that was accomplished is unclear as what is written was written some 60 to 100 years after the fact. The Bible as we know it today was an oral tradition and a collection of letters for many years so probably aren’t the most reliable for hard facts. He is said to have ascended directly into heaven. So I just take in on faith that he ceased to be a corporeal being and became a spiritual entity when he left. I don’t know what happened to his body, but that is not important to me.

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Well, I’m no religious expert, but from what I understand, Jesus died and ascended to Heaven (some say he went to Hell, and I guess the Bible implies that, but I also know some Christian scholars who claim it’s blasphemy to say that Jesus was in Hell). Then Jesus returned to Earth in His resurrection body (Christians claim that every Christian who dies will get a new recurrection body in Heaven). After doing a little more preaching, He returned to Heaven to rule the universe along with His father, Jehova.

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Hasn’t anyone read/watched The Divinci code?

Many beleive Jesus settled somewhere in France and married Mary magdalene and had 7 children. Who knows….my take is this..was Jesus real? Perhaps, quite possibly. Was he a sagey, wise, compassionate and awakened being. Yep. Was he the immaculately conceived ‘son’ of God? Highly doubtful.

We are ALL, children of ‘God’ the Universe, whatever floats your boat.

I take that terminology to be pretty dilute and indicitive of the totality of ‘Gods’ / the Universes life forms.

Many don’t realize that Buddha existed 600 years before Christ, and…there is some research, evidence that points that Jesus may have picked up some of his philosophies while traveling in the east. Bottom line…we know nothing for certain.

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Yes I saw that film, The Divinci code, sure makes you think don’t it, maybe he did move to France after all & set up a vineyard to capitalise on his wine making skills?
Lol… love the sagey, wise, sounds like a good drop to me that does ;-)

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He went and jammed out with some unicorns, dragons and merpeople.

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You folks who are talking about descending into hell, ascending into heaven, sitting at the right hand of the Father, etc.: that’s from the Apostle’s Creed, not the Bible. Words put together by a committee some centuries later.

As I recall from my evangelical Christian upbringing, but without going off to research it right now, he ministered for several more years, performed miracles, etc. If I’m not mistaken, most of the ministry we’ve read about came after the resurrection. And then the day came when he told his disciples that he had to leave them, and a cloud came down and took him up into heaven. (That’s the Ascension.) So there was only one death, and then a departure without death and a spoken promise that “I go to prepare a place for you.”

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Just to clarify; I merely repeated the thing as it was taught to me when I was a kid. I do not hold that this view is any truer than some other view. I am not religious.

@Jeruba: the ascension to heaven is also in the Gospels (Mark and Luke at least IIRC) and in the Acts, though they don’t mention any of the rest of the stuff.

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@Janka, you are right, the story of the ascension is in the Bible. I was referring to the language that was being recited—the Apostle’s Creed. That is not from the Bible.

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@Jeruba But does that mean it’s not as valid?

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@Jeruba & @_bob – It’s probably as valid. After all, as others have said, the Bible was once originally a seires of unrelated books and letters and stories handed down. Many texts that, perhaps, should be included in the Bible have even been lost to time. The Bible even makes reference to other books that no longer exist. A few centuries ago, a group of Christian scholars got together and decided among themselves which of these stories and letters to put together to create an anthology that we call “The Bible.” Now, the Bible may, or may not, be the word of God, but the choices of which of those “words” to include were certainly made by men.

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Would that be the Council of Nicaea in 325AD?

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@davidbetterman – Yes, that and the work of King James’ scholars a few centuries later who decided what is Christian canon today.

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@HungryGuy, oh, I don’t question that they’re equally valid. Equally.

The committee that worked on the KJV were not selecting content, though. They were developing a new English translation. The scope and sequence of the Bible had already been determined.

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@Astrochuck – I believe they were selecting which books to include and exclude, as well as doing translation. But, I could be wrong, I’ll look into it….

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@HungryGuy Dude, who are you talking to? AstroChuck hasn’t commented on this thread.

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@filmfann – Oops! Sorry. Maybe it’s only happening to me, but Fluther is mixing up people’s names and avatars…

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I believe it says he was crucified under pontius pilate, died, and was buried, and on the third day he rose again, coming back to life….he is now in heaven with God and will come again to judge the living and the dead.
unfortunately, i am a horrible person.

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ps. you will be certain to know when you ask Jesus into your heart, and truly mean it, he will save you from all of your sins.

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@jonami We all fall short. that is part of why it is so amazing that we are loved and forgiven.

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First of all Jesus was Jewish, so we know where he went: into his father’s business. We know he was Jewish because he lived at home til he was in his 30’s, his mother thought he was God – and finally, took over the family company his father had founded.

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The movie The Man from Earth provides an unusual, but comparitively plausible explanation, imho.

It’s a slow, “thinking” type of movie – if you’re ever in the mood for one of those, I recommended it. If not, or if you don’t like exposure to explanations that don’t align exactly with the Bible, you might not want to watch it.

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I have a whole book telling how he hopped a boat and came to the Americas (whatever that means) to

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“Buddha existed 600 years before Christ, and…there is some research, evidence that points that Jesus may have picked up some of his philosophies while traveling in the east.”
Yes; I heard that too and read some pamphlets on it. As in, many of his quotes were not original to him.

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Here you go.

1. Christ dies on the cross on Friday afternoon
2. Is then laid in Joseph’s tomb and rests on the Sabbath until Sunday morning
3. when he is awakened by the angels and come forth out of the tomb
4. As Christ arose, He brought from the grave a multitude of captives. The earthquake at His death had rent open their graves, and when He arose, they came forth with Him. They were those who had been co-laborers with God, and who at the cost of their lives had borne testimony to the truth. Now they were to be witnesses for Him who had raised them from the dead.
5. Ignorant of what was even then taking place, the women (mary magdaleen and others) drew near the garden, saying as they went, “Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulcher?” They knew that they could not remove the stone, yet they kept on their way. And lo, the heavens were suddenly alight with glory that came not from the rising sun. The earth trembled. They saw that the great stone was rolled away. The grave was empty.
6. They see the angels which tell them “Go your way,” the angels had said to the women, “tell His disciples and Peter that He goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see Him, as He said unto you.”
7. During this time Jesus ascends to the Father in heaven to present himself and those who were resurrected with him to the Father to confirm that his sacrifice for humanity is accepted.
8. Meanwhile, the other disciples are in disbelief and Jesus appears to them at that time Thomas pokes his hand in his side and confirms that Jesus has risen. And Before this he walked with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.
9. Then Jesus meets His disciples in Galilee soon after the Passover week was ended. That’s when he dis the miracle with the fish and the nets breaking. He tells them to minister to those who were young in the faith, to teach the ignorant, to open the Scriptures to them, and to educate them for usefulness in Christ’s service.
10. Finally they are on the mountain side and it was time for Christ to ascend to His Father’s throne. From that spot on the mountain with his disciples and other watching crist rises to heavenly sanctuary where is stands to this day interceding on behalf of the world until the time when there shall be no more repentance and the end comes.


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