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Where to rent a suite in downtown chicago, with sleeping accomodations for a party of 8 people?

Asked by claytonhamm (29points) March 15th, 2010

Myself and a friend are turning 25 this week. For our bdays, we want to rent a big hotel suite this weekend, March 20th for one night – one that can accommodate 8 people to stay the night there. How much approximately will this cost? Where is the best hotel to do something like this in Chicago?

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Depends on money. My favorite hotel is Embassy Suites on Ohio and State. It is very expensive but they have some very nice big suites, kitchenette with mini fridge fully stocked and stocked drinks in a mini bar (that will cost you dearly if you indulge.) On the main floor they have a bar that serves free drinks at happy hour, you can drink all you want. There’s a nice hot tub. They have a wonderful hot free breakfast in the morning. The location is great. I don’t know if they would tolerate a lot of misbehavior, they are a classy joint. If you explain your intentions perhaps they would work with you. This is an expensive joint. If money is an issue then you will want to check out the budget hotels.

If you just want to get rowdy, trash the place, and not pay any money there is a Holiday Inn close to Navy Pier. Carry mace and don’t walk alone in the hallways.

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Set up an account with Travelocity or one of their competitors and set up the search criteria that you want to use in terms of dates, locations (Chicago is a pretty big city, you know) and prices. I’d be looking at 2 rooms of 4 people each, and thinking along the lines of Embassy Suites or some such.

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I have stayed in a suite at The Palmer House (Hilton). In addition to a sleeping room, it included a parlor area, dining area and wet bars. The hotel will probably not let 8 people officially stay, but there’s room to spread around.

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Sometimes you can get adjoining rooms with a door that opens in between as well.

I have no experience with the Hard Rock Hotel but have heard other people like it. You might look it up.

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Check-out Residence Inn Chicago O’Hare as well. They have 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suites available at under $200/nt. The Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile has similar accommodations but runs in the $300/nt range.

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@escapedone7 what Holiday Inn are you talking about?

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If your desire is to recreate a scene from the Hangover, save your money. The cost of a Suite similar to what you describe would be in the $1,000’s for a decent place that sleeps 8. My question is why spend the money when you will probably spend very, very few hours there with all that Chicago has to offer, including 4:00 a.m. bar closings. Save the dough and get a couple rooms at this place. It’s walking distance to excellent entertainment like The Redhead Piano Bar and Chicago Chophouse, Weber Grill Restaurant, ESPN Zone and great shopping.

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It was so many years ago my memory is failing me. There is a ton to do there depending on your tastes. I am really into art museums and galleries. The Art Institute is awe inspiring! I also loved the Lincoln Park Zoo and specifically the conservatory. I doubt any of the things I do for fun would make a great birthday party. I am a boring dull duck.

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