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what is the best shooting game for the wii that has the best graphics with shiny details and good sound and action

Asked by athlete4evr (1points) March 6th, 2008
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Either Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, which is more of a first-person shooter, or Resident Evil 4, which is more of an action/adventure. I enjoyed the letter better cuz its longer and has a great story.

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@ angrysun: Does umbrella chronicles use the Wii zapper?

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Yes it does and its lots of fun.

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do you know of any others? All i’ve got so far is Link’s Crossbow training

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metroid prime corruption is probably your best bet for an fps. While umbrella chronicles is fun it feels dated in that its simply an on rails shooter. Metroid prime features some great controls and good graphics. Resident evil 4 is probably the best shooter as stated before with excellent graphic and gameplay the obvious draw back being how old the game is but if youve never played it, it is considered a must buy. Oh and stay away from red steel…far far away

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I have Red Steel. It works very well as a coaster for my drinks. lol. Two other games that use the Wii Zapper are Ghost Squad and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (I suggest this one cuz it has high reviews).

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Metroid Prime 3 is great. It’s really great, it’s long, it’s captivating. The controls are perfect, and it’s got a great balance between shooting things and solving puzzles.

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