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How do I know if she likes me?

Asked by pam (32points) March 6th, 2008

We have been friends for 2 years now.Its only recently that I realized I was in love with her.I am afraid to ask her directly.I know for sure that she sees me only as a friend.

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be honest with her and tell her how you feel

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take it slow, also remember that she is not obligated to return your affections.

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it seems you are confusing friendship with genuine affection. Simple way to tell is if she tells you about the guy she has a crush on or what she looks for in a man. Either of these would mean she sees you only as a friend’. If on the other hand if you and her are flirting all the time and she doesn’t move away from you when your hand accidentally brush her that’s a good sign. If you are just friends there are things you can do that will change it at a risk

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you’ll never make it out of the friend zone dude. You have been there way too long.

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it appears that sriggs09 was referencing the two ladder theory

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I love how people suddenly realize they are in love. I think your premise is flawed but even so, my advice is to always go for it

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Women play such cloaked games. It’s generally impossible to know anything for sure unless she makes physical advances.

Sounds like at this point, you need to let her know how you feel in the most ernest and nonaggressive way possible. As aaronblohowiak pointed out, she has no obligation to return your affections, so you can’t be resent her in any way if she doesn’t.

Hopefully she either feels the same way, or you guys can be cool about it and still stay friends (hard to do). Most importantly, life is too short, you have to express yourself, otherwise I don’t feel you’re really entitled to much. Just imagine if you died tomorrow. How would you feel about her never knowing. That should help guide you, or at least be a great source of inspiration.

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“Women play such cloaked games. ” s/women/people

Otherwise, I totally agree. Death-consciousness is a great way to “keep it real”, as it were.

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