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How do I console someone who has just been cheated on?

Asked by Monkeysplat79 (6points) March 6th, 2008
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if you and your friend’ are opposite sex and you like her give her space. Don’t say anything bad just listen to her. You’re not there to offer solutions you’re there to hear her out and let her work out own solution. If on the other hand you are the same sex you can rage on about how the opposite sex sucks. Share some food together that ur friend’ likes and if possible spend as much time you can with them. In this case the important thing is keep her doing stuff not just to sit home and get depress

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have sex with her

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if its a girl you are talking about let her complain and talk crap about the guy. Um if its a guy take him out for drinks.

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LOL it’s a guy (best friend) married for 10 years. Totally broken hearted. Just want to be there for him.

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I know when my brother got a divorce because his wife of 15 years cheated on him, his bestfriend became jack daniels. Let’s me tell you guys need to get drunk and let stuff out too. Or at least my brother did. Hope that helps a little.

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