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What to choose?

Asked by pam (32points) March 6th, 2008

The person you love OR The person that loves you

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neither its going to be a sad life if you pick either of them. If its the same Perot than its perfect otherwise it won’t work out

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…. both. I wouldn’t settle for anything else.

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False dichotomy: more than one person loves you, and you love more than one person. There’s also probably a subset of people that are in both groups.

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The question is flawed. The person you love may not love you. In that case, you can’t choose them. Also, you may not love the person that loves you.

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lol duh djbuu
that’s the point
the person that loves you
because you can sometimes learn to love,
and you don’t have to b worried about not being taken care of or left

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Yeesh, building a life with a person you don’t love because that way you won’t have to worry about him or her leaving you? That’s just sad, in a sordid American Naturalist kind of way, without even the hubris and tragedy of a Greek drama.

Better to be single than to be miserable. You are a complete person in yourself.

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you have to ask yourself some questions. 1) does the person you love, love you back? And if he’s not in love, could he learn to love you. If he can then I would choose him cause at least then you’ll be happy. 2) do you love the person that loves you and if not could you possibly ever love him? There’s nothing worse than being with someone you dont really love. Ask yourself this then choose but only if you have to cause I wouldn’t choose either if we weren’t both in true love with eachother

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well the question wasent the person you love or the person you don’t like
Marrige can’t possibly be only about love.
you can marry your one true love, but still be misrable.
if you marry someone that loves you(the question never said you didn’t at least like this person) they will do whatever they can to make you happy
because thats what love is

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I agree with trogdor, got a point. but what I need to know is, considering the fact that you don’t love the person who loves you, and you will never want to love this person, there is no point living with this person, on the other hand, when you love someone(considering that the other person doesn’t)the basic human tendency is to hope that one day you “will be loved” or “find solace” with this person.So, is it wise to say that I should choose the person I love???

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Why the choice? Is it a potential affair? Stay put, whichever one you’re with. Otherwise, wait for the person you love who loves you too.

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