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Who can sum up the goings on of Fluther since the New Year?

Asked by Les (9607points) March 18th, 2010

I’m an old Jelly who has been away from Fluther since about the beginning of the New Year. Shame on me. The little I’ve come on here, I’ve seen all sorts of odd things, not the least of which was somehow everyone’s avatars changed to AstroChuck…still don’t get that one.

So, can someone give me a run down of some things I’ve missed? Great questions, great new members, terrible questions, you know. Gossip.

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I know for a fact that some of the jellies are… you know… gelling.

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There’s a new Meta category and this question will probably be moved there.

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Great question. I’ve been away too.
It seems a bit different in terms of types of questions asked but I’ve only been on for two days now. I really like the old Fluther debate questions. Seeing more how-to basic type things…...

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Honestly, (I’ll go ahead and say it), I miss the old Fluther.

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What is Meta category?

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LES!!!! Welcome back!!!!

Everyone- Les is our Jelly who has been to Antarctica with her Fluther shirt!

We have an awesome new chat

We have cool threaded PM’s now

We have TIM our awesome new programmer! (not sure if he was here last time you were here)

We have a Meta section just for Flutherite and Fluther questions!

We missed you!

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@jjmah tis why I am here less and less these days.

Good to see you @Les and @RedPowerLady. :) I’ll let one of the mods explain the meta category.

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@jonsblond good to see you as well, i’ve been looking around for some of the “regulars” and seen few, nice to see one

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@RedPowerLady YAY! You are back too! This is an awesome night for sure!

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@Dog – Thanks! I missed all of ya’ll too! I’ll have to check out the chat once I have some time. I moved to California, among other things since the New Year, thus the whole not being around much.

@jonsblond – Good to see you, too. I haven’t seen a lot of old “faces” recently. I’ve been sort of peeking in here and there, not really commenting very much. But, glad to see there still are a few.

I did hear about Tim, and I see the Meta tab on the front page now. Cool! Thanks guys! Keep ‘em coming.

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@RedPowerLady – Who is the adorable little one in you avatar?

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@Dog Thank you. Good to see you too.
@Les That is my new lil girly! The reason I have been gone for so long from Fluther. She is five weeks tomorrow. We named her Piper. Thank you for asking!

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A few people have undergone name changes, including me.

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@wundayatta so who are you then…. and who are the other name changes… how am I supposed to keep up?

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@RedPowerLady – Well, congratulations! I’d give you 10,000 Lurve, if I could. What a little cutie, she is!

@wundayatta – Well hello. Glad for you to meet me, again.

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@RedPowerLady congrats on your little love!

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@RedPowerLady How do you keep up? Don’t leave.

Let’s see. Marinelife used to be Marina. I used to be daloon—for an explanation see my profile.

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@Les Thank you very much!
@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thank you very much!
@wundayatta Thank you for telling me who you used to be, will read profile. I hope I can figure all this out so I’m not outta the loop, lol, b/c that would be no fun.

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Well, for one, everyone was me and I was everyone. But just for a little while. Now everyone is no longer me except, of course, for me. I am still me and no longer everybody else. But this could change. So I’d stick around if I were you, which I am not but soon could be.

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We were the EveryChuck.

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You were missed. We seem to have lots of new jellies soaring right into the 10k mansion.
Makes me miss the days when it meant something…

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A lot of people keep complaining about the “new” fluther, and about how much they miss the “old” fluther, and they don’t care if they insult/offend the newer users.

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Welcome back, @Les and @RedPowerLady!

A huge prank was played by the members: AstroChuck avatar day.

Cak came back!

We had quite a few babies born. In addition to @RedPowerLady‘s Piper, Casheroo and Ubersiren both had little boys just days apart.

richardhenry and chels (formerly chelseababyy) are now a couple! I know of at least one other Fluthercouple, but that’s not public knowledge. We’re becoming a regular hotbed of romantic activity!

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@augustlan I love that you are so positive!

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Thanx @augustlan for the update!! And the links.

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