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When is the best time to mow the lawn?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) March 21st, 2010

Should I mow in the morning or at night?

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When I was a kid, we mowed our lawn early Saturday morning, around 7am, before the sun was too high. We watered it around dusk. The groundskeepers of my current building do the same.

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My neighbors liked to wake up early on saturday and mow their lawn which of course makes sleeping in past 7am difficult.

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Most people in the southern United States wait until the last minute, in the spring, to mow their lawn. they know that once the mowing starts, its an all summer job. wife and i cut the grass in late afternoon, after the temperature begins to fall from the heat of the day. once cut and trimmed, we then water what needs to be watered. everybodys different.

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My dad used to wait until the dew evaporated off or it clogged up the mower, and we tried to be thoughtful of the neighbours and not do it too early.

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I always mowed in the afternoon, so the grass was dry.

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I was going to say “summertime”, but I guess you’re looking for more specificity.

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Determine when the government says you can cut it where you live. Cut it as late in the day as you can if you have good lights. Otherwise determine sunset and cut it as late as you can while you have daylight.

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As long as the grass is dry it doesn’t matter to me. I like to do it during the coolest part of the day either before it gets too hot or after it’s started to cool down. I make it a policy not to mow before 10 am as a courtesy to the neighbors. I know I’d want to kill someone who disturbed my mornings rest.

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Ha! We had a human-powered mower. We hardly disturbed any one! :)

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I prefer later in the evening, much cooler then and the grass smells GREAT.

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i mow the lawn in the morning when i know that day will be either really hot or rain is forecast. depending on where the house is situated, choose grass-cutting times that are comfortable for you as far as heat or pollen counts are concerned.

cutting grass in the cool of the morning is better than in the heat of the day. or cut grass at dusk when the sun is not so hot.

sometimes because of a busy schedule, you will find yourself cutting grass at strange times…

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footnote: i cut my front lawn in the morning because its shady. i cut my back lawn in the late afternoon because my grass is east to west or vice-versa. .

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I cut mine when I have the time to squeeze it in my schedule. Fortunately, now that I’m married, I haven’t had to cut grass in 4½ years.

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Early in the morning when it’s cool and when the grass is dry. Another good time is when your horrible neighbors are having a BBQ party.

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There is not a certen time of day to mow but for best results and health allways mow when the grass is dry and the soil is firm.

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Whenever my lawn guy decides to mow.

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When the grass be high and unslightly. If you can play hide-and-go-seek in it – it’s due.

Thatbesaid; early morning – the sun won’t evaporate the water you will use after cutting it – and it’ll have the water and then the sun to help it grow back from the “trauma.”

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