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Is common sense on the decline in society or is it the internet that gives us more exposure to lapses in common sense?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11434points) March 21st, 2010

Hopefully it’s the latter.

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Have you read any Jane Austen? A lack of common sense has been in the general human DNA for a long, long, long time. Mrs Bennet and Lydia Bennet come to mind.

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I don’t think it is the internet, but not sure what it is, it definitely seems like common sense is going by the way of the telegraph.. I just answered a question about someone getting their lip pierced, that to me shows a lapse in common sense.

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What wrong with piercing a lip?

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If you are 25 or older and know your careeer choice is not going to be hindered by piercing or tattoos then I guess to each his own.

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People have always been incurably ignorant and the internet just spotlights that fact.
It’s ridonkulous! :)

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Common sense is being over ridden by a complete lack of original thought. People are now regurgitating crud they read and believe right off the internet without any concern for validity or truth. It seems to be getting worse by the day.

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I don’t think the internet is the reason behind it. Some people are born with common sense and some are not. Some have the skill but refuse to use it if it doesn’t serve them in a beneficial way. (example, People who are usually careful in how they spend their money and then blow money they don’t have on an expensive large wedding to invite a lot of people they normally don’t care to have around, so they can brag about their expensive wedding.)

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Tell me how to obtain this common sense please. Does it come in pill form? I wish I had a litttle Jimminy Cricket on my shoulder sometimes to be my common sense.

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@escapedone7 You can try to weigh out all the options than steer clear of the dumbest one. Of course if your not sure than ask someone who seems most sensible. And if that doesn’t work than take a nap. Life is going to get bumpy.

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