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Does your Census form, received in the mail, appear to be authentic?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 21st, 2010

My Census form does not appear to be real. is it possible this is a fake? is this another effort, by people unknown, to steal my identity and use it for their personal gain? i am very skeptical of giving my personal information on this Census form. matter of fact, i am not going to fill out the form. have you closely looked at your Census form?

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why does it look fake?

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What about it looks fake? What questions are being asked that could lead to stealing your ID? My census had very basic questions such as race, name, age, etc.

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Obasma wants the info so he can kill your grandma after he makes her have a late-term abortion.

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My form asked for my telephone number and has a barcode at the bottom. i had my identity stolen one time and used at a local hospital for a tremendous bill. naturally, i look at everything with a watchful eye, since that event. how would you really know the Census form is authenic and not from another country? hackers can steal your identity on the internet, so what makes the Census immune from duplication for personal gain?. hackers and thieves will do anything for a profit.

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@dpworkin: I do not believe john65pennington comes from a culture where grandmothers often are young enough to still be having kids…. but there are 30,000,000 people in America here illegally now that do come from such a culture. Your statement could be true for those people.

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maley, since you mentioned the illegals….how do the feds intend on counting the illegals? you know they will not be filling out a census form for fear of being deported.

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Mine looked real. I filled it out, sent it back and had no problem with it.

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@john65pennington: The Obama administration has a simple solution… make them all legal.

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@john65pennington What can they do with a phone number? It sounds like a regular census to me.

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@john65pennington My form has a barcode, too. And asks for my phone number and my name.
But I suppose the return address and the envelope stating official business penalty $300 and the part about the postage will be paid for by the US Census are surely indicative of thieves.

I am with you. Don’t mail this in!

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Your form is exactly like mine. It seemed like a lot less information than normally asked for; usually they ask for income, education, language preferences, disabilities, etc.

Have you never ordered a pizza for delivery? Once you give them your phone number, they know exactly who you are, and where you live. Heck, you don’t even have to give them the number; they see what number you’re calling from and ask you if the delivery is to that address.

It’s not fake, it’s real. Send it in. If not, my daughter will show up at your door. She signed up to be a census worker to have extra money to put towards her student loans.

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@PandoraBoxx: What is the hourly wage they are giving her?

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$9 an hour. Some places, it’s more.

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It is probably really a letter from your Pusherman!

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It is the authentic form. It is safe to answer it without having your identity stolen.

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OMG. I just realized that I am supposed to mail my form to the “2919 Census Data Capture Center.” What the hell is this “Capture Center?” They’re going to round us all up and put us into Reeducation Camps and work farms!! Like during the Cultural Revolution in China. I’m sure as hell not sending mine in either. Obama’s agenda isn’t socialism, it is full out Communism!!!!!!!

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If it is asking for your social security number it’s fake.
Stop wasting time and just do it. It takes 3 minutes. They want to know how many people will live at your house on April 1.Name, ethnic group. Do you really think they don’t know this already?
They are not asking if your are pro gun, anti abortion, religious, money in the bank, credit card info…
Just fill it out. Would you all be as skeptical if it had a picture of Bush on the front? Jeez.

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What is with all these census conspiracy questions? Doesn’t the right have enough to do elsewhere?

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@myself that was supposed to be “2010” Census Data Capture Center… nitwit.

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@PandoraBoxx: I wonder why it is so much when so many people are unemployed? If everyone is unemployed why wouldn’t this job pay minimum wage? Aren’t there people lined up to do it? If there are not people lined up to do it why are we paying their unemployment?

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I work in a library & we’ve had a census employee in there to answer questions from the public. He said any of the long forms that are several pages long are fakes. The legit forms are only 2 pages long. It does NOT ask for your income or SSN. Melony Hopson was on GMA the other morning & she said the same thing. If you get the long form, it’s a fraud. DO NOT fill it out & send it in.

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@jbfletcherfan maybe that was a fake census employee. :)

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Isn’t your phone number on the checks you write and hand out to people? Is it on your account at the video rental store? Don’t you give it when you call the repair guy about your washer or have somebody in to clean the carpets?

The census is about counting people. It’s not about identity, and it isn’t from Satan.

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My census form is just one huge, long page! Folded to make it seem like it’s actually four pages, but one of the “pages” is really only half a “page” and one of the “pages” is more like 7/9ths of a page. Uh Oh.

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@malevolentbutticklish, The people who have been laid off in my area have been earning $25 – $50 hour (white collar workers) who, committing to a $9 an hour job without benefits precludes them from taking a bonafide job, when found. Working $9 an hour seasonal work would exempt them from unemployment. While the $9 an hour is equivalent to the unemployment check, it is seasonal work and is not a replacement to actual employment.

My daughter has a Masters from the #2 school in her field, a 4.0, and $20,000 in debt for grad school. She earns $28,000 a year. She has health insurance benefits, but with paying rent and $500 a month in loans, she cannot afford her car insurance or a cell phone. She does without eating out, new clothes, cable (or a televsion) and internet to make ends meet. And she has roommates.

Sorry, I won’t bite on this one. Working for the census is not full time employment. It is great for students, retired individuals, and people like my daughter who want to earn extra money to retire debt. But it’s not sustained employment, and $9 an hour is not enough to make it worthwhile for a white collar manager with an MBA who’s been let go to consider it employment. And it certainly won’t pay the $800 a month cost for COBRA for a family health insurance plan, without the subsidy.

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@john65pennington Mine form sounds like it looks like yours. I guess you can go online and check the address you are sending the form to, that it is indeed the correct address for the census bureau if you are concerned.

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@malevolentbutticklish – I faintly remember that the Bush administration was unable to pass legislation making
it possible for all illegal immigrants to pay taxes as “guest workers”. Check me on this.

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susanc, guest workers? once they have one foot on American soil, they are here to stay. no guest status here.

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@susanc, you are correct

BTW, if you have a housekeeper or babysitter, and are paying them more than $1500 cahs wages in a year, you are required to withhold taxes

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If it looks like this then you’re good to go.

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@PandoraBoxx: “the $9 an hour is equivalent to the unemployment check” <== This is exactly why we need to get rid of unemployment. We aren’t paying people who couldn’t find a job; we are paying people not to work.

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What we really need is to get rid of morons who think we need to get rid unemployment.

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@davidbetterman: Are you addicted to government handouts?

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@malevolentbutticklish Are you addicted to paying trillions of dollars a year in fruitless and criminally insane warmongering?

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I once wrote a question on fluther about selecting a state that would have no government or taxes and letting all those who wanted move there have at it.

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@davidbetterman: Why do you think America defending its interests in the world is fruitless or “criminally insane”?

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America’s interests would have been better defended way back when we took Kuwait with Sadam’s help; if instead, we had just offered to buy he oil. But thanks for another illuminating visit into the workigs of an energy vampire. (That would be you).

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@ davidbetterman: energy vampire?

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@JLeslie – did anyone take up your offer and move to Somalia?

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