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What is it with young people shaving or waxing every hair south of the neck?

Asked by PupnTaco (13860points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Is this an effect of the creeping pornofication of our culture? Or are we becoming completely neurotic?

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I think it’s stupid. The only time you should need to groom your hair is if it got jammed in a door because it was so long. And I mean chest hair.

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I’m sorry but this begs another question: how do you know young people are waxing their “pornorific” regions?

As for me, it would take an army of slaves to wax all my hair off. I hope that’s painting a nice picture for you.

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What are you considering young?

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I don’t know anyone of at least my male young (as in: high school) friends that remove that much hair. It’s only shaving and the occasional haircut (but even that not too often :P).

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It looks better on YouTube.

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Chest hair is gross :c

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there are several reasons to wax that go beyond just asthetics. I am not not sure what I can and cannot say here but… The partner prefers it because it’s more comfortable – I.e. Waxing isnt the only thing that goes south.

I don’t like my chew hairy because it itches, like my beard, so for my own personal comfort I have my chest waxed.

My legs remain however God decides.

Aesthetically: I wear low cut t shirts and I do not want to look like I’m sick… With Saturday Night Fever.

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chew hairy? Damn iPhone

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iphone auto-correct gets ya every time :P

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I am a leg shaver but that is for cycling. And no, it’s not wind resistance. It’s for the sake of making the act of picking pieces of road and gravel out of your skin easier after a crash. And yes, it feels really weird.

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I know because my kids are 13, 15, and 22. And there’s the whole Abercrombie thing.

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I love when men shave the region above the legs and below the belt, hair is a huge turnoff especially a huge wirey bush yuk!! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. I’m thankful my boyfriend shaved his private area otherwise he wouldnt be getting much action LOL

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I like my chew a little hairy, but don’t make me get out the machete.

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I shave all my hair except the hair on my head and the natural hair on my arms and stuff which can’t really be seen anyways bc its blonde

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So the fact that he looks like an eight-year old down there doesn’t bother you then?

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it tickles and not in a cute way

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ever tried wearing girl pants with long ones down there?
ya. i know friends that have zipped up a patch. :X

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I heard underwear fixes that problem.

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some have trouble fitting it. not much wiggle room.

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Ok maybe we’re not talking about the same thing LOL

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i would say trimming is okay, just for that reason.
you don’t want to have a either exactly….

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If a woman had a uni-brow I doubt anyone would object to her waxing her brows, the same applies for the entire body – no matter the geography.

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well said Riser.

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Ha ha just you wait. p.s. I’m just 42.

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girls dig it when ur nice and groomed down south. They don’t want to be flossing when there down there!!

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A lot of people say that they don’t like it bald because it “looks like an eight-year-old” as PupnTaco brought up, but I think that as our society shifts towards less and less hair as the norm for adults, it’s no longer just associated with pre-pubescent girls. It’s porn stars and celebrities and (I assume) a large portion of the 18–25ers out there who are doing it. So while this doesn’t answer your original question as to why it’s so popular, I think that because it’s the current trend, people are associating it with attractiveness and cleanliness. Five years ago a person may have been chided for wearing a certain style which is now totally in fashion. The times are just changing and a hairless style offers not only a cleaner, neater look and a softer feel, but is also quite pleasing to many who venture to those southern regions.

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I think it’s good hygene to trim the nether regions, and I also think EVERYONE should shave their armpits regardless of sex…

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“Softer feel?” Since when is sandpaper soft?

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@PupnTaco: Shaving usually results in a sandpapery feel 1–2 days after shaving when the hair starts to grow back (regardless of what you’re waxing). Waxing, over time, will cause hair to grow in softer and less coarse. Plus, it will usually take longer to start growing in, which means that it will be soft and hairless for longer than if you were to shave or leave it alone. True, when a lot of it does start to grow in, it will be a little rough, but that just means it’s time for another wax! It’s not for everyone, but it’s a preference that some people have.

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I’ve thought about it…Texas summers can be hell, literally.

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