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What hardcore bands/ songs should I add to my ipod?

Asked by xRIPxTHEREVx (378points) March 23rd, 2010

I need suggestions for songs for my ipod. To help you get an idea on what I like, my favorite bands are avenged sevenfold, escape the fate, simple plan, and guns n’ roses.

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Beast by Nico Vega.
Click on the play button on top of the google search.

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Parkway Drive….

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Korn and Bozzio is about as crazy as it gets…
Beat Farmers

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Skinny puppy!!!

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For Hardcore… I’d have to suggest Throwdown, First Blood, Terror, Hatebreed, Death Before Dishonor, and Face My Own

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Then again, none of the bands you listed are Hardcore. Maybe you want Metalcore/Rock? In which case, I would suggest… Everytime I Die, It Dies Today, Dead to Fall, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains

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@jfos As I Lay Dying and All That Remains are awesome…

.. @xRIPxTHEREVx maybe even have a look at Porcupine Tree, their album Absentia is amazing….there is also Bullet for My Valentine

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DELTA 9, Anger Fist, ATR, Alec Empire, George Winston

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The most popularly believed original hardcore band is Minor Threat. You might want to check them out.

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Rise Against. Lacuna Coil. Flyleaf, before Memento Mori came out that is…

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The Vomit Spots

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How about…. Enter Shikari – Juggernaut

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S.O.D and M.O.D
Suicidal Tendencies

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One of my favorite post-rock bands, Pelican.

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check out Bullet For My Valentine

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Hardcore is such a vast term…I personally am more into modern hardcore, not so much the old school or tough guy hardcore, but I do enjoy it as well.

Some of my favorite songs include “Drop out” by Converge, “Board up the house” by Genghis Tron, “Panasonic Youth” and “Sunshine the Werewolf” by the Dillinger Escape Plan, “The End of All Things Will be Televised” by Norma Jean, but perhaps these are a bit too hard for your taste.

If you are more into metalcore (like Avenged Sevenfold), I recommend these bands:

As I Lay Dying
August Burns Red

If you are up for some Southern sound, I highly recommend Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

If you enjoy post-rock, try Callisto or God is An Astronaut. If you enjoy post-hardcore, try out Battle of Mice, Khoma, Impure Wilhelmina, The Ocean, or Rosetta.

Finally, if you’d like to try experimental hardcore, you can check out Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Psykup, or better yet: Fantomas!

Start with this epic song: ;-)

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Oh, almost forgot!

These Arms are Snakes:

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Disturbed, A Day to Remember, August Burns Red, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park (they’re more Alternative than hardcore, but they’re my favorite:D)

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@stratman37 yeah, I’m a huge bullet for my valentine fan

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