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Have not been Able to Fully Bend knees since year 2000, Is it good to keep Trying or dangerous?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) March 23rd, 2010

I’m male early 30’s.

I used to run alot since i was a teen to my early 20’s when suddenly i got some knees sprains and tendon tear. It took a while to heal that and then i stopped dong full knee bends because i was afraid and also it started hurting more even after i healed.

So i gave up and did not do full knee bends( HEEL touching Buttock) since then. I also got my other knee injured so i didn’t do knee bends with either knee.

Well, so now I can’t even do knee bends even if I try. When the thigh and shin reach like a 10 degree angle( ZERO degrees being heel to buttock touching).. i just can’t go any further.. it hurts bad and it feels like the ligaments are gonna snap.

So my question is, should i keep trying to strenghtern my knees more and more and stretch and keep trying to achieve heel to buttock ability OR would i just hurt myself.. and i should stop trying cause it’s someting i will not be able to do ever again in my life?

I used to be able to do it before year 2000, when i used to be really athletic.

I know now i have knee injuries, but I can bend my knees down to 10 degrees so why would bending them to 0 degrees be any worse than 10 degrees is..

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oh man….go and see a physiotherapist. I think it would be dangerous to keep trying without the correct supervision and prescribed exercised to strengthen your muscles.

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I say go check into Mayo Clinic for top to toe investigation. You have so many medical problems!

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Do you have a doctor? Do you have health insurance? (You do now!) I agree with these guys ^^ – you need help, not advice!
And you’re entitled to it!

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i dont have insurance.

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Are you in the US? the healthcare bill passed.

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None of us can answer this. It sounds like you need a MRI to really see what is going on in there.

And the healthcare bill isn’t magic. Healthcare for all isn’t available immediately. It will take a long time (2014) for people without insurance to see a benefit. And even then it is still fucked.

It is a shitty bill but I support it. Baby-steps.

But this in no way nationalized healthcare. Tossing the insurance companies in the garbage disposal is what needed to be done.

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