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How much will the appstore application cost for the iPod touch?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) March 7th, 2008

The appstore is said to have to be payed for in order to obtain it. (like the January software upgrade.) How much will the appstore cost? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the March 6th event at NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE.

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apple hasn’t set the price yet. it’s likely to be low… less than ten bucks is my guess.

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Nobody knows.. Less than 20$. It could be a dollar.

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OK thanks for answering! Hopefully the price will be low.

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no, in fact, definitely not free. apple is required by law to charge for an update of this type.

from appleinsider:

the fee stems from a law called the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which supposedly prohibits Apple from giving away an unadvertised new feature of an already sold product without enduring some onerous accounting measures.

“Because of the Act, the company believes that if it sells a product, then later adds a feature to that product, it can be held liable for improper accounting if it recognizes revenue from the product at the time of sale, given that it hasn’t finished delivering the product at that point,” he wrote.

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The App Store for the iPod touch doesn’t have a determined price yet, but you will certainly be charged for the software update.

To beenzy7:

Steve Jobs said it would be free for the iPhone, but for the iPod touch it would cost you some bucks. A good guess is $1—$20. He said this (well, not the $1—$20 thing) in the SDK video presentation mentioned earlier.

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probally 20 dollars like jan

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I was under the impression it would be free with the next update, but you would have to pay for whatever app you want and that price would be determined by the developer.

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it will be free for the iphone, which is accounted as a subscription device, and therefore can have features added for free without getting apple into accounting trouble. but the ipod touch is accounted as a normal non-subscription device, and cannot have features added without a charge.

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Yet another example of SOX messing with consumers through stifling business. What I don’t understand (and would love your feedback on, samkusnetz) is if the same reasoning where to apply if you were to say “Purchase includes the item and one year of free upgrades”. Thanks in advance,

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so, the law says this: if you sell a device, and make money from it, and then later add features to it, then you technically charged the public for an unfinished product, and therefore made money off of something before finishing it.

the spirit of the law is to prevent businesses from inflating their stock price by selling a hot new thing without spending the development time in advance, and then claiming “look at all the sales! and we spent so little to build it!” and then quietly doing the development work after the fact. also, remember that apple is based in california, which has some of the toughest consumer protection laws in the world.

i am not even slightly a lawyer, but i think that as long as the business declared ahead of time that the device would be getting new features for free over the course of a specified time and the business did the official accounting for the device as profit over the time of that upgrade period, then it would be ok. so if i sell you my device in january 2008 for $1200 with upgrades for a year (not updates, but actual features being added), then my accountant said “sam made $100 in sales in january, and will earn another $100 in february, and march, and april…” then that would be totally OK.

i believe.

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thanks. this is why i am not an accountant.

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my pleasure. there are a huge number of reasons that i’m not an accountant.

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i heard that it would be subtracted to 100$ in all apple and ipods, next year

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