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I was married in the past year, How do i do my taxes?

Asked by fuzein (8points) March 7th, 2008

I would like to do my taxes on my own this year (or at least with a software like TurboTax). How do we handle our taxes since we were married mid-year? Is this too complicated to do on my own?

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file as single. Were you divorced before jan 1st??

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No, I’m still married.

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you can still file as single if your separated.

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I understand your question being that you were married in 2007, and still happily married? If that is the case, same here. We filed jointly, and we got H&R Block to do it.

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my accountant advised me and my wife to file jointly for the calendar year during which we got married. we actually saved quite a bit of money… turns out the feds incentivize marriage! who knew?

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Your marital status for tax purposes is determined on the last day of the year. So even if you got married on Dec 31, you cannot file single. You either have to file jointly with your spouse or file married filing separately. In most cases it is best to file jointly, but without knowing all the details of your situation, I can’t tell you that it wouldn’t be advantageous to file married filing separately. If you are comfortable with Turbotax, try doing it both ways and see what gets you and your spouse the bigger refund. You don’t get charged until you transmit the return, so there is no harm in doing that, other than it will take more time. Once you see which status is best, you can file that way every year, unless something changes with your situation.

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A retarded monkey would be preferably to H&R Blockheads.

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Thanks for all your help. I’ll probably just get TurboTax and figure it out from there!

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