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What's a really great stain remover?

Asked by lilakess (789points) February 2nd, 2007
I need something that gets out all the baby related stains. Are some stain sticks better than others? I'm interested in both natural or the hard core chemicals. Whatever works.
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I have used Zout and Oxyclean for many stains. But I still find that spray Fantastic does the best job on all stains.
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Spot Shot, it has an orange lid. It is earth shattering!
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shaklee's basic H cleaner is fantastic. it's super natural good for you and the world stuff so my partner and i kept testing it on stains, saying well it won't get this...and it does.
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I just discovered Murphy's Oil Soap. You rub it on stains (worked now on old grease spot) and then launder as usual. A friend just used it on a silk blouse that she then washed by hand.

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another thing to try is putting nail-polish remover on a stain (not on anything acryllic) and then pressing down on it with a feminine hygiene pad.

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