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How many different songs are in a mockingbirds resume?

Asked by john65pennington (29258points) March 28th, 2010

One spring morning, my pet mockingbird again arrived at my address and began singing his yearly resume of different songs. i call my pet mockingbird….Mr. Mocker for short. i attempted to keep count of the various melodies that Mr. Mocker was displaying, but soon lost count. has anyone, at anytime, actually taken a survey of the number of different songs a mockingbird produces?

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The mockingbird is well known for mimicking many sounds. They can sing up to about 200 songs and can make sounds like insects and amphibians. They can also imitate sounds like a barking dog, farm animals and a squeaky hinge. Sometimes they sing all night.

Maryland DNR

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Repertoire I think is a better word for it than resume.

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John, there’s no way to guess how many sounds a wild mockingbird picks up. They are brilliant mimicks, so whatever appeals to them gets put into thier song bank.

One such bird was recorded on video for television by famous scientist, David Attenborough, while studying them for a BBC nature programs, perfectly imitating the shutter clicks of a camera and the camera’s shutter drive, as their cameras photographed him. He also imitates 20 other birds, AND the sounds of chainsaws as they cut trees in the nearby forest. Simply amazing :)

This mockingbird imitates a cat:

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phillis, thanks. i enjoyed the youtube experience. the mockingbird is my state bird.

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@john65pennington Texas, eh? Ours is the drab Brown Thrasher. That makes one whole person who thinks of the thrasher as a standout in understated elegance :)

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Bahahahaha!! Holy mother of GOD, that was a funny movie! Thanks for the hysterics!

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