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What's this trampoline effect called?

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8186points) March 28th, 2010

After jumping on a trampoline for a long period of time, when you are back on solid ground, when you jump it feels as if you are barely getting off the ground. Is there a name for this trippy effect on the mind & body? Is it related to the ‘arms pressed in the doorway’ trick?

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Maybe it’s because you feel lighter because of the springs and when you get off gravity takes back over. I’m not sure of the name. Sorry.

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You need time on the space station.

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Your body adapts to its environment, but it takes a bit. There’s a similar (though opposite) effect with ice skates: once removed, your feet feel much lighter.

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Its just like that effect where you feel weird walking around after being on a treadmill

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Post Trampoline Solidity Disruption.

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Its like being dumped after dating someone a long time. the recovering process is called bouncing or the trampoline effect.

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It’s similar to what sailors have gone through for years. After spending months at sea, they develop “sea legs”, or a specific stance and gait adapted to the rolling of the sea. When they try to walk on solid ground, it looks a little funny.

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Trampoline Interruptus Disorder, or TID.

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Vigorous anal sex syndrome.

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I would think it would be somewhere under the same lines as the “Phantom Limb” Syndrome…you get your arm cut off you feel as if its still there…your on a trampoline and you get off, you feel as you should still be on the trampoline so when you jump your body feels as if it should have more energy and support underneath you…but it doesnt! So maybe the “Phantom Trampoline” Same with the doorway trick. You push so hard on the doorway when you step out, your body thinks the doorway is still there to block you…but its not! Hope that helps! :)

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I think it’s close to the phenomenon called “sea legs”. when sailors are at sea for a while, they develop what’s known as “sea legs” to compensate for the action of the waves, even on fairly smooth seas or a very stable vessel. When these same sailors hit the shoreit sometimes feels as if the earth is moving.

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@Yetanotheruser, cool. Did not know that.

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Ask any sailor (or ex-sailor)!

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Its basically just your ability to adapt to an enviroment…“Sea Legs” “Phantom Limbs” Whatever term or reference you want to use, it boils down to the ability of your body to adapt and be comfortable with a new scenario, act, idea, etc…and then immediately taking that aways. I.e. Your body adapts the being on a boat, it adapts to being on a trampoline, etc. Its actually a very easy concept without having to give it names and referring to other “Phenomenoms”

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